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A puzzle game of Kikker by Max Velthuijs. The puzzle game has easy and hard puzzles that can be played by both kids and adults! There are many original illustrations of Kikker and his friends that you can choose from and unlock by collecting butterflies.

RED BOUNCE BALL 5 Play for Free

Hurry up, the red adventure ball game you love is back with the latest version Red Bounce Ball 5: Jump Ball Adventure. Guide the red adventure ball 5 in this ball by ball adventure. The best ball game ever!

Bubble Fish Play for Free
Bubble Fish

Tap and drag the angle to aim, release to shoot. Connect 3 or more fish or starfish of same color and type, vertical, horizontal or diagonal. Use your points in the shop to buy special items and improve your score. To clear one level and unlock the next, you need 2 stars OR MORE. You […]

Kube X Play for Free
Kube X

Who’d have ever thought that you would come across a game that will make you question what you really know much about colors? Whenever we get a chance to look at optical illusions, oftentimes, we stare at a picture for an entire minute—maybe even more—just so we can have a really good look at it. […]

Little Alchemy Play for Free
Little Alchemy

You can be a star chemist or alchemist when you go online and play Little Alchemy Game here on Games.lol! Alchemy is a matter of transforming elements into something else. Here at Little Alchemy mini-game, you can become an expert in mixing chemicals and creating something new and fantastic!   Put your magical hands at work and figure out which chemicals are compatible […]

King of Thieves Play for Free
King of Thieves

Now that you are out of prison, you need to start somewhere! And what better way to start than to get back in business! Hunt down dungeons with hidden treasures along the way and get the business up and running!   There are tons of treasures and GOLD to add to your collection but to […]

Bug Match Play for Free
Bug Match

Do you like matching puzzle games? Do you also happen to love bugs? Then, boy, we have a game you’ll love. Check out the Bug Match game. You’ll be swapping bugs and lining them in vertical or horizontal rows of 3 or more. It will test your strategy skills as you chase the clock. In […]

Ninja Pig Play for Free
Ninja Pig

The world is under attack by the evil alien forces. With no one stepping up to be the hero, the planet is at the brink of enslavement. But out of the blue comes an unlikely character who vows to protect everyone from the space invaders. Enter a pig who has martial arts skills and knows […]

Greedy Gnomes Play for Free
Greedy Gnomes

Looking for a puzzle game that will tickle your mind and challenge your mental capacity? This peculiar gnomish game will test your intelligence and tease your brain. Pit your wits in the Greedy Gnomes game. It’s fun and brainy. This game of strategy follows the game between two brothers—Us and Zus. Using precious gems as […]

Bubble Shooter HD Play for Free
Bubble Shooter HD

Do you miss playing games such as Tetris or Connect Four? Well, there’s a new fun game that’s very addictive and can leave you hooked for hours. Introducing Bubble Shooter HD. It is a very fun game that you would not want to put away. Bubble Shooter HD is the remake of the Bubble Shooter […]

Pie Attack Play for Free
Pie Attack

Do you like pie? Are you a pie connoisseur? A practical joker? Or a pieing enthusiast? If the answer to any of those questions is a yes, then you will love the game concealed behind the “Play Now” button on your screen. As you may have known by now, Pie Attack obviously is a pie […]

Jelly Rock Ola Play for Free
Jelly Rock Ola

Our moms always tell us that eating and mixing different types of candy can really be a massive health problem. But here in Jelly Rock Ola, all you do is mix the candies and win! The more candies you put together, the better! If you get tired of matching puzzle games, you can try this […]

The Best Pizza Play for Free
The Best Pizza

Can’t find a wholesome game that your kids can play when you want them to be busy without using your phone? Keep them preoccupied with great cooking games here at Games.lol! The Best Pizza game online is brought to you by Funny House Games where you get to star as a pizza maker. Being new […]

Snake Escape Play for Free
Snake Escape

Remember the time in the early 2000’s where beating the highest score in Snake was the hype? Well, now you can relive the awesome thrill of playing a snake that grows and grows until it no longer fits the screen. Snake was the Candy Crush of the early 2000’s that almost every millennial played and […]

Fantasy Star Pinball Play for Free
Fantasy Star Pinball

Fantasy Star Pinball is a free classic game with a modern twist! Get your fix of the classic arcade game and relive your childhood memories. In the game, you get to play the good old pinball, but you are in for more exciting surprises. Hit the table and get complete entertainment from the number of […]

Sudoku HTML5 Play for Free
Sudoku HTML5

Sudoku HTML5 for PC is the browser version of one of the most famous puzzles ever. In the Sudoku HTML5 mini-game, you have to fill the grid of 9×9 with numbers without downloading anything. If you are new to the game, it might sound easy and boring. But, we have the free Sudoku HTML5 walkthrough […]

Word Up Play for Free
Word Up

Most of the word games available out there just require the players to form or find three to four-letter words. This can be fun at first, but once you get the hang of it, you will eventually discover that these games become boring especially when you become used to the gameplay. Kids and teens can […]

Pocahontas Slots Play for Free
Pocahontas Slots

Now, you can enjoy betting on a more interesting slot machine game when you play Pocahontas slots! Surrounded by images and themes in the Pocahontas movie, why not take on a whole new level of fun with the slot machine in Pocahontas Slots game or known also as slots era pocahontas? This game offers the […]

Swipe Art Puzzle Play for Free
Swipe Art Puzzle

Swipe Art Puzzle is a free online HTML5 browser game that offers endless fun and entertainment. It has easy gameplay and challenging mechanics. In Swipe Art Puzzle, you need to remember how the art looks like because the game will jumble the art pieces randomly. You need to swipe the pieces in the board until […]

Juicy Dash Play for Free
Juicy Dash

This classic matching game has a totally different and exciting twist. You can enjoy matching up three or more of the same fruits and pop as many fruits as possible to level up! Aside from its exciting features, this mini-game also has vivid and colorful graphics that will definitely entertain you and your kids. With […]