Skill Mini-Games

Skill MIni-Games available to play online. Free HTML5 games playable all web browsers on both PC and Mac. Play the best free Skill MIni-Games at!

Bubble Fish Play for Free
Bubble Fish

Tap and drag the angle to aim, release to shoot. Connect 3 or more fish or starfish of same color and type, vertical, horizontal or diagonal. Use your points in the shop to buy special items and improve your score. To clear one level and unlock the next, you need 2 stars OR MORE. You […]

Pixeroids Play for Free

Guide your spaceship , hit and destroy asteroids without colliding with them ! SHOOT ! This is Pixeroids.

Kube X Play for Free
Kube X

Who’d have ever thought that you would come across a game that will make you question what you really know much about colors? Whenever we get a chance to look at optical illusions, oftentimes, we stare at a picture for an entire minute—maybe even more—just so we can have a really good look at it. […]

Sushi Matching Play for Free
Sushi Matching

With tons of matching games out there, wouldn’t you opt to match your favorite Japanese food together instead? Match sashimi, maki rolls, ebi, and many more! Enjoy this delicious matching game that will make you drool as you play!    Your gaming experience just becomes more enjoyable when you join a fun-filled matching game with tons of levels to […]

Fancy Diver Play for Free
Fancy Diver

Have some fun with one of the most colorful mini-games on!Your fellow divers are in a rut! They can’t get out because of a massive blockage of corals and seaweeds blocking the way. They need someone to help them get to the surface before they run out of oxygen and drown!   This is […]

Paper Craft Wars Play for Free
Paper Craft Wars

Divide and conquer! Paper Craft Wars on PC is a battle of wits where you need to be strategic in finding a way to lead your army to the enemy base. Conquer the land of your opponent in this ultimate battle game online! This strategy game requires you to think quickly and critically!   Paper […]

Bug Match Play for Free
Bug Match

Do you like matching puzzle games? Do you also happen to love bugs? Then, boy, we have a game you’ll love. Check out the Bug Match game. You’ll be swapping bugs and lining them in vertical or horizontal rows of 3 or more. It will test your strategy skills as you chase the clock. In […]

Intergalactic Battleship Play for Free
Intergalactic Battleship

A belligerent force seeks to invade our planet. Earth is under attack by a very powerful alien fleet. Unfortunately, most of the world’s defenses are crippled, leaving the planet vulnerable to alien attacks. With an impending invasion, the world is at risk of annihilation. Thankfully, there lies one remaining defense. In this thrilling strategy game, […]

Sally BBQ Joint Play for Free
Sally BBQ Joint

Planning to open your very own restaurant someday? Are you a passionate food aficionado who loves feeding people? Or maybe a fan of time management games? If yes then, you are the perfect candidate to help out Sally in her BBQ Joint to feed the hungry customers in her restaurant. Unlike other restaurant-themed games, Sally’s […]

Pie Attack Play for Free
Pie Attack

Do you like pie? Are you a pie connoisseur? A practical joker? Or a pieing enthusiast? If the answer to any of those questions is a yes, then you will love the game concealed behind the “Play Now” button on your screen. As you may have known by now, Pie Attack obviously is a pie […]

Pigeon Bomber Play for Free
Pigeon Bomber

Are you fascinated with pigeons? Are you a fan of a game that features an avian protagonist? Or perhaps looking for something to vent your frustrations into? If the answer to any of those questions is a yes, then, let me introduce you to Jack the Pigeon Bomber! Jack, as you may know, was once […]

Snake 3310 HTML5 Play for Free
Snake 3310 HTML5

During the final months of the second millennium, one of the most iconic mobile devices was launched. It would go down in history not only as one of the best-selling phones of all time, but also as an influencer in pop culture history. However, our focus is not on the device but rather on the […]

Jelly Rock Ola Play for Free
Jelly Rock Ola

Our moms always tell us that eating and mixing different types of candy can really be a massive health problem. But here in Jelly Rock Ola, all you do is mix the candies and win! The more candies you put together, the better! If you get tired of matching puzzle games, you can try this […]

Fruit Chef Play for Free
Fruit Chef

Doesn’t slicing fruits sound familiar as a game? Well, have another take on this awesome adrenaline rush game! Get ready to sharpen your knives and be on high alert because once you drop one of those fruits, you are in major trouble! This is one of the new mini-games that you are going to love […]

Froggee Play for Free

Froggee is a game of adventure where one frog leaps from one land to another by tapping them. Once they reach a new land, it means there is a chance for Froggee to start anew in the land and to collect stars. As you leap through the rotating globes, make sure you avoid the crocodiles on your way. There are two things that […]

Tap the Frog Play for Free
Tap the Frog

Want a simple game that will get you hyped up and excited? We got one for you! Try out Tap the Frog on PC now! This game could be the most straightforward game in history—even the title tells you the instructions! You only need to do ONE thing: Tap the frogs. Tap as many frogs as you […]

Snake Escape Play for Free
Snake Escape

Remember the time in the early 2000’s where beating the highest score in Snake was the hype? Well, now you can relive the awesome thrill of playing a snake that grows and grows until it no longer fits the screen. Snake was the Candy Crush of the early 2000’s that almost every millennial played and […]

Zero Play for Free

Nothing beats a game that is both easy to play and simple to use. Game developer Samuele Sciacca puts minimalism to the next level with the Zero mini-game for PC. Eliminating the fancy graphics and flashy backgrounds that most people find in modern games, Zero is a stunning treat not because of how colorful it […]

Bubble Hero 3D Play for Free
Bubble Hero 3D

These mice are on their way home, but they got stuck in a barrage of bubbles that floated them high in the air and got them stuck in in the bubbles. It is your job to get them back to their homes. And it is also your job to pop all the bubbles so that […]

Three Cards Monte Play for Free
Three Cards Monte

On the subway, on your way to the work during the morning commute, or just in the busy Saturday streets on your day off—you can find it everywhere. You will find people taking interest in whether they can bet where the Ace of Hearts is when playing this popular game of chance. This is Three […]