Mini World: Block Art
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Mini World PC - Block Art Adventure Game Free Download

If you love block games and open-world adventure, then you will love Mini World – a block art game that takes heavy inspiration from Minecraft and makes it their atmosphere. Let your creativity shine and discover new ways to venture out into the unknown where magical creatures and mysterious places await you. Play Mini World: Block Art for PC free when you download the game here. This block art game comes with no mods and 3rd party hacks – just a clean installation.

Mini World for PC: Adventure Beyond Your Imagination

Robots, dragons, zombies, mysterious villagers are one of the few things you will find in the Mini World game. The more you explore the realm, the more stuff you will find – some are great, some are small. The sky’s the limit in this game, and you can explore everywhere from creepy forests to grim underworlds and even the robot-infested moon. Set yourself in an expedition where you decide on how your story unfolds.

Animals to Pet and Farm in Mini World Game

There are various unique creatures in Mini World, and you can even pet them. Also, some are quite common but go deep into the outer lands, and you will find yourself a rare animal that you can take home and become your pet.

Forge Your Gear in this Block Art Play

You won’t find anything pre-built for your convenience here. You’ll have to make your gear from scratch. Gather materials from various biomes and forge equipment that gets more powerful over time. Dig through the deepest caves and wander the farthest locations to find rare materials to create unstoppable gear like indestructible armor sets and dragon-slaying weapons. Play and download the Mini World game for PC today! Get the game for free here and play it directly on your desktop, minus the huge loading times.

Mini World Game Features

  • Dive into new and exciting game updates every month!
  • Live and enjoy through a huge Sandbox World.
  • Capture different game modes all around the match.
  • Supports several languages for in-game communication!
  • Share & Upload all your adventure through the Gallery.

The game features a solid multiplayer mode that players of all ages can manipulate. After all, what better way to enjoy the awesome features of Mini World than with your closest buddies. Check out more simulation games like Vikings: War of Clans and PES Club Manager.

mini world block art transformers
mini world block art pyramid area
mini world block art under sea
mini world block art halloween monster
mini world block art transformers
mini world block art pyramid area
mini world block art under sea
mini world block art halloween monster




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