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Minion Rush: Despicable Me Official Game


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About this Game

Gru’s loyal, crazy and messy little minions have now invaded your PC! Come and join in this fun endless runner game with these little yellow creatures that would make you go totally bananas!

The game took a different approach in this infinite runner game taking players back to some of its iconic movie scenes, various maps, costumes, and giving minions their unique abilities! 7 years later after the initial release, Minion Rush is still a fun game with lots of content and new characters to offer that surely makes players keep coming back.

Minion Rush: Despicable Me puts minions in a challenging fast-paced game to impress none other than their supervillain overlord Gru! Collect your precious bananas by rolling under lasers, dodging bombs, and jumping on rising pipes. Be plain mischievous and bash other minions while you’re overcoming obstacles; just like what a real minion would do!

Unlock All Costumes

Each unique costume in the game gives unique abilities like grabbing more bananas, longer distances, and extended bonus time. Level up your costumes and even get new ones by completing missions on the Global Goals, Daily Tasks, and Achievements. Play now and dress up your Minions with the game’s creative costumes such as Chinese Fu, Soccer Fan and Vacationer. Just imagine your minion in a funny looking leotard!

Explore & Defeat Other Super Villains

Meet and defeat some of the familiar villains in their lair like El Macho, Meena and Vector. You can also explore the Despicable Me universe and enjoy its constant change of environment as you operate. Just as you are starting to get bored with the same industrial starting point, you’ll be taken to a bustling town environment, Minion Beach, the Pyramids, and more!

No doubt, Minion Rush offers the fun and humor of the movie with a good change of tempo. Come and play now as a loyal gibberish Minion in this fresh and engaging never-ending game. Beat the other minions to become the Minion of the Year!

Feeling excited already? Download and play Minion Rush on your PC today for free! This is one game that you will not regret playing. For more endless action games, check out Flippy Knife or Honkai Impact 3 here at

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