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Download Monument Valley for PC & Experience the Magic

Do you like traveling? People see traveling as a way to ease and relax their minds. Others do it to think and relieve stress while visiting new places. It might be a game, but Monument Valley clearly captures the feeling you have when you discover a new place. In the game, optical illusions are the norm. You will play the role of the game’s silent princess. You can visit many places by hopping from one world to another. Journey into stunning realms and guide your character through the lay of the lands. Unravel secrets and explore to your heart’s content.

The game guides you through a surreal experience where fantastical architecture and otherworldly geometry rules the landscape. Marvel at the different monuments and uncover unseen paths as you traverse through dimensions. Take a look at the different landscapes and outsmart the Crow People that try to stop you in your travels.

Stunning Visuals in This Magical Puzzle Game

The minimalist movement is quite popular nowadays. Monument Valley online takes minimalism to whole new levels. Palaces and temples from around the world are presented as optical illusions with fantastical architecture straight out of a fairy tale book. Every monument in the game assumes a new appearance which gives the illusion that it’s a new place.

Moreover, you can create and reshape the world to your liking and help Ida explore the land! The game has been designed to be played by everyone with ease. The developers designed Monument Valley to be a literal pick-up game. You pick it up, start and explore to your heart’s desire.

Surreal & Breathtaking Sound Design & Online Cloud Support

The game also offers unique and remarkably crafted sound designs. Listen to the surreal music or the mind-blowing reaction of the audience as you travel with Princess Ida. Rarely does a game make beautiful sound designs — so much, that it’s better with the headphones on.

Best, this game features cloud save across multiple platforms. You can save the game and pick up from where you left off on another portable device. There’s no need for you to start your adventure from scratch when you change device. Your endless journey with the princess will only keep moving forward.

Surely, there’s no better way to experience the surreal and fantastical journey than to play Monument Valley on your PC. If you want to see the magic on a bigger screen just follow the simple steps down below. Once done, you are now ready to guide princess Ida throughout her journey! If you like puzzle games, why not test your wits with 1010! Puzzle or 1Line? See if you can rise to the challenge.

Monument Valley Blue Palace
Monument Valley High Fountain
Monument Valley Stunning World
Monument Valley Top View
Monument Valley Blue Palace
Monument Valley High Fountain
Monument Valley Stunning World
Monument Valley Top View




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