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Play Paper Toss Online | Free Paper Toss Online Unblocked Game Download For PC

Take your best shot with the unblocked Paper Toss game! Have you ever been bored at work that you crumpled a piece of paper to shoot in the trash? Have you and your co-workers ever played this contest of throwing a piece of paper in the trashcan? Did you try using an electric fan to make it more challenging? This hilariously amusing game is oddly satisfying. You have to try it to believe it! The Paper Toss free download for PC is so realistic that you’d forget you were just playing a game. Don’t be fooled by how simple the game sounds. It has eight levels of varying difficulty that will keep you busy for hours. Just make sure to stop playing when your boss comes back. What are you waiting for? Try this toss a paper online game world tour now!


Paper Toss Game Features:

Sometimes the best games are the ones that you can relate to. What could be a more relatable game than Paper Toss world tour online game? Everyone has experienced trying to shoot a crumpled paper on a wastebasket right? This game offers more than though. It has a uniquely challenging system that will surely pique your interest. Read on below to find out more about the game’s feature:


paper toss


Introducing Paper Toss

From the makers of Ninjump, DragonVale, Spellfall, Army of Darkness Defense, and other titles, here’s a new game. And it’s starring a piece of crumpled paper. Upon opening the game, you will be briefly greeted by the game title. The opening screen has an animated crumpled paper spinning around while on top of a folder. This barely lasts for three seconds and is followed by a video ad. Don’t fret. You will be directed to the game in a few seconds. The Paper Toss World Tour game’s gorgeous graphics will welcome you with its default setting—in your office cubicle. Now that you are more acquainted with the game, be sure to also check out its bossier version, Paper Toss Boss, available here at!


Your Boss Dares You

There is no official tutorial but a boss will be peeking from the side. He will urge you to swipe to toss the paper into the bin. Talk about encouragement, right? His next quip will depend on whether you make it to the basket or not. After that, you’re on your own. Make sure to shoot that crumpled piece of paper, whatever happens. After making it without an electric fan, the game will automatically add them after you make succeeding baskets. The fans don’t just stay on one side. They are not all on low or high setting either. They cleverly change winds speed for a bigger challenge.


paper toss boss


Options, Settings, and Controls

Aside from the realistic graphics, there’s an innovative flick control, and real office sounds. It also has varying wind speed that impacts paper flight and the verbal abuse from angry co-workers. It’s like you’re really at work! You can choose among several levels in Paper Toss. There’s easy, medium, and hard. Among the levels, you will also find different settings like the basement, airport, restroom, street, and, pub. Explore them all!


toss a paper game


More Details About the Game

Backflip Studios from Boulder, Colorado, USA first released Paper Toss on April 5, 2010 for players to play. It was recommended for players aged three years old and above. The latest version 2.1.1 was last updated on June 13, 2018, which included some bug fixes. It’s so popular, that is why Paper Toss has been downloaded over 50 million times and a new bossier game has been released, Paper Toss Boss.


Paper Toss Tips and Tricks:

What could be harder than shooting a piece of crumpled paper on a wastebasket right? In Paper Toss, you will need a lot of practice for the difficult challenges ahead. You must learn how to angle your shots to make sure they go in. Better read on below to learn more tips and tricks about the game:


paper toss game


Practice Paper Tossing

It’s as simple as tossing a real piece of paper in a trashcan, correct? Not too much, especially with the electric fan. For this, you need to angle your toss towards the direction of the fan. Practice makes a basket. Another tip is to enable the swipe arrow. This will help you to see which direction your paper is going. You can turn this on and off in the toilet Paper Toss game options.


paper toss world tour


Yes, It’s Not That Easy

Your unsuccessful attempts at paper tossing will be seen on the floor or anywhere else in different scenes. They will stay there to remind you to do better. Aim wisely and flick the paper more sensibly. The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the game. You’re playing this to de-stress in the first place. After you get the hang of it, you’ll be breezing through the other levels of Paper Toss and get high scores. Another thing to note is when you exit the game. The last setting will load when you open it again. For example, you left the game in the bathroom setting, that’s where it starts when you load it again.

Have you downloaded Paper Toss yet? Start playing now and make office boredom a thing of the past! Aside from that, we have other cool and fun games like Paper Toss Boss, Archery King, and Plague Inc. for your PC and Mac!

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