Pirates & Pearls – A Match 3 Pirate Puzzle Game Download Free PC Games on Gameslol
Pirates & Pearls – A Match 3 Pirate Puzzle Game Best PC Games

Pirates & Pearls – A Match 3 Pirate Puzzle Game

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Pirates & Pearls – A Match 3 Pirate Puzzle Game Download Free PC Games on Gameslol

Find treasures on Pirates & Pearls - A Match 3 Puzzle Game | Free PC Download

Pirates & Pearls – A Match 3 Puzzle Game Challenging Levels

Pirates & Pearls – A Match 3 Puzzle Game is a fun, colorful and challenging game. Here, players have to pair up 3 or more of the same gems, crates, treasures, and dozens of swashbuckling elements.

Get boosters and special power-ups when you swipe and match pairs of more than 3 pieces. And these boosters and power-ups will be your lifesavers – especially in higher and more difficult levels! If you think this is a simple swipe and match game, it is not. Because you have to complete your mission on every level before you run out of moves, lose the round, and be forced to walk the plank!

You have to match and eliminate the required gems or treasures before your time and moves run out. So if you can, get some much-needed help from boosters and special power-ups. Sharpen your puzzle-solving skills, creativity, and resourcefulness only here on Pirates & Pearls – A Match 3 Puzzle Game!


Build Ships and Go On A Treasure Hunt Expedition With Your Mateys

If you have mastered all the puzzle-matching levels and quests. Then it’s time to move on to more swashbuckling adventures! Along with your mates, you can build ships, find wealthy ports, pillage some loot, and find hidden treasures in Diamond and Gold mines.

Assemble the best ship crew in town and go for unique Pirate expeditions and adventures far across the seven seas! Plunder and pillage your way towards a glorious loot only on Pirates & Pearls.

If you think you are fit to live the life of a swaggering Pirate, go on a daring adventure on the many puzzle-matching levels of Pirates & Pearls – A Match 3 Puzzle Game! Survive the many challenging chapters, and go on a Pirate expedition trip with yer mates to find more treasures and loot.

And if that’s not enough excitement, then download more Puzzle Games for free, like Best Fiends – Puzzle Adventure and Roll the Ball® – slide puzzle!

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