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Play the game that started it all! Before the wacky games in the Wiki such as Unleashed Pixel Dungeon, a prologue to Moonshine Pixel Dungeon and the successor to Shattered Pixel Dungeon and Remixed Pixel Dungeon 1 and 2, there was only one. If you think this is a joyous game of fantasy and exploration, you are wrong. Enter the dark world of Pixel Dungeon – a roguelike multiplayer RPG that has easily received multiple awards including Best Mobile RPG, Best Visual Presentation, and Best Sound Design.

In this game, death is permanent and rooms are unpredictable. What you’ll have to rely on are fast reflexes, timed blocking and dodging, and a whole lot of protection. Because in this game, once your character dies, he/she dies forever. That is the world of roguelike RPGs – where the atmosphere is grim and the road to redemption feels hopeless.


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Pixel Dungeon Game Features:

Prepare To Die, Prepare To Cry

Pixel Dungeon is a merciless roguelike RPG where any enemy big or small is highly dangerous and can mean the permanent death of your character.

If you have never played a roguelike RPG before, this is how it goes: you start off as one of many classes with a set of items exclusively for that class. You will then enter an unlimited room of dungeons which you must clear off before proceeding to the next one. What comes later is what makes Pixel Dungeon challenging – if you return to previous dungeon rooms, they change; monsters, level design, and weapon placements become randomized.

This means any encounter you’ll come across will forever be unpredictable. And if your beloved character dies, will you restart? Nope! You will have to restart from the beginning but this time with a new character.

Is it daunting? Yes, it is. Is it addictive? After getting killed so many times and then come back with a fresh face only to let it happen again, yes. That may sound weird to you but you’ll have to play it to understand.


RNG At Its Finest

This is not just yet another Pixel Dungeon game. In fact, this is the one that started it all in the series. And of course, lots of RNG. That means Random Number Generation if you’ve never experienced such game before. Damages, buffs, debuffs, item spawning, and enemy spawning are randomly generated so that means every combat you partake in is unpredictable. There is a saying from grizzled Pixel Dungeon players: “Pray to RNGesus.


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High-Quality 8-Bit Presentation

This game is awarded for its visuals and sound design and once you play the game, you can see why. The bleak vibe of each dungeon presented in grotesque yet fascinating ways give off a sense of hardship and anxiety to you. The enemies are creepy and sometimes disgustingly scary to face. The sounds of the game are unsettling from the creaking of the door as you open it to the disturbing music that feels like it was composed by a creepypasta creator. This game is, in a lot of ways, not for the faint of heart.


Pixel Dungeon Tips and Tricks:

New To The Genre? Pick The Warrior Class First

If you have never ever played any sort of roguelike RPG before, consider this: each class has strengths and weaknesses that you must know. And in a permadeath game like this, we have for you the basic of all Pixel Dungeon tips and guides. You can start off with a basic class first, specifically the Warrior.

So why Warrior and not Mage, Rogue or Huntress? Because the Warrior has enough HP to last enough rooms, has a decent damage dealer, can carry enough slots, and can wield so many weapons at one time. If you’re finally used to it, then you can switch to other Heroes afterward. Check out the different stats for the characters at the Shattered and Remixed Pixel Dungeon 1 and 2 Wiki cheat and tips guide.


Don’t Backtrack Too Much

Unlike other games where the coast is clear in one section of the game, this one is quite the opposite and, at some point, even harder. Remember 2 rooms you passed by from the west filled with just rats and skeletons? Yeah well if you go back there, you’ll be greeted by giant slugs or a fiery demon that can smash you in one hit. If you’re looking to survive for long, keep advancing and don’t look back. You’ll find better weapons and items on the road anyway. To learn more about this, you’ll easily get some information on the Shattered and Remixed Pixel Dungeon 1 and 2 Wiki sites for tips, cheats, and guide.


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Are you up for the challenge? Then download and play the multiplayer Pixel Dungeon game on your PC today! We have a wide selection of role-playing games here at You can also try out Age of Magic: Turn-Based Magic RPG & Strategy Game or Lords Mobile for more challenging RPG games.

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