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If you’re looking for a fun game that involves playing dress-ups, meeting new friends from around the world, and creating various skits, there’s none other than Gacha Life PC. This casual game is one of the top-played games today, especially for kids. It’s a place where kids get to freely share their creativity and socialize with other nationalities. It’s fun, simple, and easy-to-play. 

From the developer  Lunime, this PC game is for everyone who loves anime-styled characters. Although it may not be like other games where you take on quests and go on adventures, this game is more personal. It’s personal in a way that you get to freely customize your character, from their eyes up to their skin color, and even the clothes they wear. Giving players the ability to freely choose the look of their characters makes them feel that they take control of the game.

Let’s explore more on what you can expect from this casual game


Gacha Life PC free Download


Various Gacha Life Modes

This game has three modes for you to play – the Studio Mode, Gacha Mode, and the mini-games. Let’s talk about Studio Mode first, which is the mode where players get to share their creativity and explore their imagination. This mode is also where GachaTubers are making their videos. What you can do in this mode is that you can create any scenes with your characters. There are no limits to creating different scenes with your characters, for as long as only eight characters are allowed per scene. What’s interesting is that you can change the background of the studio, the props, and even the chat bubbles. 

The next mode is the Life Mode, where you get to talk to NPCs, travel to various locations, and discover hidden locations.  When using this mode, you are only allowed to use one character at a time. 

When entering Life Mode, you usually start at Hometown. There are many NPCs found in Hometown such as Luni, Senpaibuns, Yuni, and more. If you want to interact with them, just click an NPC to strike a conversation. Make sure to create a friendship level with the NPCs so you can enjoy full interaction with NPCs. Full interaction with them means you can talk, gift, quiz, and ask each other. 

The third mode that you get to explore is the mini-games. Now, this is different from the two modes since you’ll be playing various games to collect gems. There are eight mini-games for you to try out. Some of these mini-games include Bex’s Festival, Orca Sploosh!, and more. With these games, you get to experience a different side of what this game mostly offers. 


Gacha Life PC Various Modes

Gacha Life Gems for The Win!

Since we’re now talking about gems, be sure to earn lots of them when playing this game. Since gems are the currency of the Gacha Life game, you can use them to gacha for gifts to NPCs. That way, you can recover your stamina, which is pretty helpful when you’re using the Life Mode and Studio Mode. 

There are many ways to earn gems. Besides playing the mini-games, you can get gems by leveling up your friendship level with NPCs, claiming rewards on the Gifts button, subscribing or following the developers of the game, or purchasing them with real money. It’s definitely up to your choice, as long as you make sure to earn at least more than 300 gems. That way, you won’t end up losing stamina, which makes it difficult for you to do various activities in the game.


Gacha Life Life Gems Win


Non-Player Characters (NPCs)

Besides real-life players, you get to interact first with NPCs during the start of the game. You can only converse with them when you’re in Life Mode. Besides that, they only stand in one spot, so you’ll be the one to initiate a conversation.

There are lots of NPCs in Gacha Life PC. You can find them in these locations: Park, Hometown, School, School Garden, School West Wing, School Roof, the City, and more. There are more than 100 NPCs in the game. And each NPC has a different personality. So, make sure to build a friendship level with them so you can get to know them more. 


There are Still Features to Explore!

Browse more through this site so you will know more about the game’s features. You can also get some tips for first-time players and the latest details about the game. If you wish to beautify your PC desktop or mobile, you can check out the wallpapers page and choose more than 20 wallpapers. You can also visit the downloads game for free mobile and PC wallpapers and game installers for PC, MAC, and mobile.

All in all, there’s no doubt that this game is fun to play for everyone, especially for kids. If you haven’t played the game, you’re definitely missing out on the fun. Download the Gacha Life game now and play it for free.  You may also play other kids’ games like My Tamagotchi Forever.


Game Features

Looking for a new game to play? Well, if you love dress-ups and you want to interact with people from around the world, you should download Gacha Life PC. From the developers of Lunime, this game is fun, immersive, and enjoyable for kids. That is why ever since its release, a lot of kids have been playing this game.

Here are the features why you should play this game:


Full Gacha Life Customizations
Gacha Life PlayImage source:


In this game, feel free to create your anime character and dress them up the way you like it. You can get full customizations in this casual game. Feel free to change your character’s face shape, eyes, hair, skin, and even the facial expression. You can also change your character’s movements and their vibes.

As one of the main highlights of the game, you can also change your character’s outfits. Dress them up with some fancy dresses or baggy clothes. You decide whatever you think is perfect for your character. You can change their outfits from time to time and even accessorize them. 


High-quality Graphics
Gacha Life Free

Image source:


If you love anime, then this game definitely suits your taste. Here, you get to experience superb quality graphics – vivid imagery, anime-inspired graphics, and a non-pixelated in-game feature. With this kind of graphics, you’ll  fall in love with the game.  

Another thing to point out with the game’s graphics is that all of the elements of the game’s visuals complement each other. Given that the features all go together very well, it makes the game visually entertaining. Plus, the game runs smoothly, which makes the game more enticing to play. 


Interactive Features
Gacha Life Interaction Features


This game isn’t just any ordinary dress-up. You get to interact with different people anywhere around the world. You can do that by chatting with a player personally or publicly through its public chat. That way, you can make new friends and show each other’s creativity. 

There’s so much to look forward to when playing Gacha Life PC. So, if you want to experience the fun, download the game now and play it for free.


It’s undeniable that for beginners, games like RPG and MMO games are really difficult. You have to learn the skills of the characters, the keys that you’re going to use, and more. There’s a lot to think of. But the good thing is that there are still games out there that are fun, interactive, and very easy to play – one of these games is Gacha Life PC. 

Gacha Life PC is simply a life simulation game. There are three things that you can do in this game – play dress-ups, interact and meet new friends, and play mini-games. With these three things, it’s no sweat for beginners. 

So, here’s a basic guide on you can play Gacha Life PC. 


Dressing Up Your Gacha Life Characters
Gacha Life Character

Dressing up characters in this game is just like any other dressing up games – you just simply choose which outfit you want your character to wear and click on the outfit. That’s it, easy peasy. 

Keep in mind that in dressing up your character in the game, there are six options for you to choose from – shirts, sleeves, pants, belts, gloves, and shoes. All in all, there are 382 clothes for you to choose from. So, boost the fashionista in you and mix and match these items to make your characters look fabulous. 

Interacting with Friends

Socializing and meeting new people online is the usual trend for most online games nowadays. The same goes for Gacha Life PC as well. In this game, you can now play with other gacha gamers with its community features like the private chats and the gacha world chat. But here’s the thing: you have to reach level 10 to start chatting. 

Besides interacting with other gacha players, you can also create friendships with NPCs in this game. But you have to reach level 2 first so that the NPC will appear in your friendship status. Once you create a friendship level with NPCs, you can now talk to them. You can also ask them or give them gifts as your friendship level increases.


Gacha Life Mini-Games
Gacha Life Mini Games
Image Soruce:


If you’re tired of playing skits or dress-ups, you can play mini-games in Gacha Life PC. There are 8 mini-games for you to choose from. A few of these are Duck & Dodge and Phantom’s Remix. Playing these games are absolutely free to play. Best of all, you can also collect gems from these games, which are the currency in Gacha Life.

All in all, Gacha Life PC is a fun game that you should try. And although this game can be played for kids aged 9 up, just make sure to monitor well as they play it to keep them from being exposed to inappropriate content.

Have fun playing the game!

Download gachalife now, available on PC and Mac

Download gachalife today. Available on PC and Mac.

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Knowledge Base

Gacha Life | Your Favorite Free-to-Play PC Game is Having a Sequel!

If you love to play Gacha Life PC, then you’ll certainly love the game’s sequel. And what’s even more interesting is that the sequel will take you to a whole new gacha experience. Gacha fans, get ready for Gacha Life 2. 


What We Know About the Gacha Life Sequel

According to the article Gamepur, the sequel was originally planned to be released full-blown. However, Lunime announced in August 2019 that the new version will be merged with the first one. Thus, ending up to be called Gacha Glub. And based on their official site, it will be released in late June 2020. 


New Features Coming Up!

Gacha Life Sequel Features Coming

Image Source:

In Gacha Club, you’ll still feel the same experience that you’ve had in the Gacha Life casual game. But there will be new features coming in your way. Among these features include:

  • New modes – Besides Studio mode, there’ll be new modes introduced such as the World mode, where you get to explore different events, Battle mode, where you get to battle with other clubs/groups of summoners, and more.
  • Pets customization – You can now customize the colors of your pets and talk to them. 
  • Mounts – You can now let your character ride on a car, a horse, and more.
  • Listen and play to rhythm songs in DJ Showdown
  • More customization options – There are more customization options for you such as changing your second gloves, socks, sleeves, and more.


Don’t Miss Out on the Gacha Life Fun

There are so many features for you to enjoy in the next sequel. Be sure to check it out and don’t miss the official release of the Gacha Club.

Gacha Life | Highly-Interactive Dress-Up Game for the GachaTuber In You

Are you having fun creating various skits in Gacha Life PC? Well, now it’s time to take your skit-making skills to the next level. If you want to show off your creativity to people around the world, then be a GachaTuber. 

To give you an idea of what a GachaTuber is, they are mostly players of this casual game who takes screenshots of their Gacha Life experience and turn it into a video. These videos can be a music video, mini-movies, ongoing series, and much more. Once they create these videos, they will upload it on YouTube, where people can watch and comment on their content.

Now, being a GachaTuber lets you enjoy many perks when you get to be one, besides showing off your creativity to people. If you want to be a GachaTuber, read on for some tips.


Step 1: Make preparations for the Gacha Life Video


Before becoming a GachaTuber, there are certain things that you need to prepare. Here are the following things:

  1. Have a YouTube account
  2. Install a video maker
  3. Prepare concepts for your videos

Let’s talk about each preparation briefly. In the first preparation, you must create a YouTube channel since it’s the platform where you upload your videos. So, to create an account, simply go to the YouTube website and sign up for an account.

For the second preparation, having a video maker is necessary since it’s where you pile up your recordings to create a video. Though there are lots of video makers available such as Adobe Premiere, Kinemaster, and Vegas, see to it that you choose one that’s comfortable and easy for you to use. 

Last is preparing concepts. Now, this preparation may be optional. But, it is ideal to think of an ideal concept for your channel so people can easily remember and identify your channel. But anyway, you can be random, as long as you create content that’s pleasing and entertaining.


Step 2: Take screenshots

Once you’re ready with all the preparations, it’s time to prepare the main content of the video – the screenshots. So, you need to go to your Studio page, hide the menus by clicking on the Hide button, and then take a screenshot. How you’ll take a screenshot will depend on the device you’re using.


Step 3: Make that Gacha Life video

Once you’ve compiled all the screenshots, and you already have a story in mind, then it’s time to make the video. Simply open the video maker that you use, import the screenshots, add some video and sound effects, and voila, you’re done. If you want to be more extra, create a unique intro and outro for your videos so your followers will remember you. 

If your video is all set and polished, you may now export the video. Just make sure to use a supported file format like .mp4 with a resolution of 720px and up to make sure that there are no errors or problems when it’s uploaded.


Step 4: Upload it on YouTube and share it

Once you’re done exporting the video, you may now upload your video to your YouTube channel. 

Creating content for your channel may be a bit hectic and pressure, especially when you have a growing following already. But through it all, being a GachaTuber is fun. You get to interact with fellow GachaTubers outside the game and you can earn money as well, especially if you’ve reached a thousand subscribers already. 

So, if you want to be a GachaTuber, start playing Gacha Life PC now.

Gacha Life PC | Is It Good For Kids to Play?

Gacha Life PC may be a simulation game that can be played for kids. But here’s the question: is it ideal for kids as the developers claim it to be? In this article, find out what most parents say about this game. 


Overall Gameplay

You probably know about the gameplay of the Gacha Life game. You dress-up your character, interact with other gacha players and NPCs, and play mini-games. What you can do in this game is very simple. So, basing on this aspect alone, this game is safe for kids. Nothing inappropriate can be found based on the gameplay itself. 


Gacha Life’s Gaming Community

Now, let’s talk about the game’s community. Apparently, this game has earned quite a bad reputation from most parents whose kids are playing Gacha Life PC. Based on the parental reviews of the game in Common Sense Media, most parents revealed that this game has lots of inappropriate content, especially the community. See the photo below.


Based on the reviews, it seems that the game has sexual innuendos, particularly on the skits. Since players in this game are free to do skits, it seems that some players have gone overboard, exposing the minors with sexual content by uploading these inappropriate skit videos (or as what they call mini-movies) on YouTube. Now, those are clear grounds for parents to avoid their kids from playing the game.


What the Developer Has to Say


Due to the indecent elements of Gacha Life game community, Lunime has done something to counteract these elements. Among these things include banning commonly-used expressions and actions that signal indecency such as the tongue-out expression, censoring indecent words on chat, and more. That may be a disappointment for some players, but for the sake of protecting the safety of children, Lunime is definitely doing the right thing.


The Verdict for Gacha Life

Despite the inappropriate elements, the game is still kid-friendly, nonetheless. It’s still a great avenue for kids to show off their creativity through skits and dress-ups and to enjoy the game with its mini-games. What parents should keep in mind is that they have to monitor their children while playing the game to avoid exposure to these contents.