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About this Game

Are you ready to be the best like no one ever was? Catching all of the Pokemon figurines and training them is your cause in Pokemon Duel, an action board game brought to you by The Pokemon Company. It is sure to hone your trainer senses as you fight your way towards becoming a Pokemon Master. Play through the Pokemon Duel battle board, defend every possible path leading to your territory, and beat your opponent to it. Reach the goal in your opponent’s territory and claim victory!

Pokemon Power Up

Pokemons across different generations are gathered here! Progress through the game and catch all the powerful ones. Boost your stats and increase damage dealt during attacks by powering up the Data Disk. Players can also visit the Training Center and battle with different themed decks to learn more about other monsters. Each Pokemon in your team will have their unique abilities that will surely give you an edge in certain situations.

Daily Missions & Online League

There are daily missions in the game that will keep you going. Complete all the missions for exciting rewards and unlock special missions. There is more to this game than just the main battle phase! So, block, dash, and intensify your attack! Take your team into an online league match against other Pokemon trainers anywhere in the world. Players are matched based on skill levels, it’s always a fair duel. Win league matches and be rewarded with generous boosters. Keep battling and get higher-level Pokemons for the higher-level leagues!

Are you ready to be the next Ash Ketchum? Challenge your friends and other Pokemon Trainers in a real-time strategy duel. Assemble the greatest and strongest team of Pokemons now and download the game on PC!

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