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About this Game

If you’re looking for an exciting shooter game that also offers quick matches, then you should play PUBG MOBILE LITE PC. It’s a battle royale game published by Tencent Games and it’s one of the latest titles under the PUBG franchise.

Instead of the usual 100 players trying to battle it out to be the sole survivor, it’ll only feature 60 players. This makes matches much faster, allowing players to play more rounds in just a short amount of time. Other than having fewer players for the battle royale match, the gameplay is practically the same as other game titles. Let’s discuss this more in the next section.


When you start the game, you will need to sign up using your Facebook account or your Google Play Store account. You can choose to play as a guest but you will lose any progress you achieve. The game offers two modes namely Battle Royale and Arcade. You can select the one you want at the box below the START button.

After selecting the game mode, press Start and wait for the game to match you with other people. After a match is found, you will be placed on the Spawn Island where you will wait for 1 minute. In that period, the game tries to fill the match with more players to reach the 60 players limit.

After 1 minute, the match will start. You will be parachuting from a plane to the island. Finding the right landing spot will be the key since all players will be going in unarmed. So the first ones to gather weapons and equipment will have an advantage. It’s also important not to choose an area where most enemies will likely land as you don’t want to be fighting enemies early on.

Once you have equipped weapons and armor, your goal is to survive and kill as many enemies as you can. It’s important to remember that the playable area shrinks. So always check the minimap to see where the playable area is. A blue force field fills the map over time and this field depletes health so avoid it at all costs. If you survive, you or your team achieves the “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!”. If not, then you can try again next match.


  • Fast battle royale matches.
  • Has an anti-cheat system for a fair gaming environment.
  • Several game modes to choose from.
  • Good graphics and sounds.
  • Play with or against friends.

PUBG MOBILE LITE is an action game to look out for. You can also try your hands on a more straightforward title like Modern Strike Online. If you like stealth, then Ninja’s Creed may be up your alley. We have tons of awesome games in, and they’re all free-to-play on PC!

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