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Running games is a subcategory of Platform games, which in turn is a subgenre of action games. In line with that, the titles under this subcategory possess the essential elements seen in the main category. Some of these elements include acrobatic maneuvers like climbing, jumping, dodging, airdash, and gliding. Most of the titles in this category are presented in either 2.5D or 3D. Also, it usually employs the use of endless running mechanics.

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One of the most iconic examples of this format is Subway Surfers. For those new to the title, Subway Surfers is an endless running game that takes place in an urban area. Players take the role of the main protagonist Jake who is in a constant quest to avoid obstacles and collect coins. Since its launch, Subway Surfers managed to accumulate over a billion downloads making it the most important title in the category.

An older example is Temple Run, which is considered as the title that made the running game subgenre to the gaming populace. Temple Run is the main inspiration of Subway Surfers and has been one of the most-played casual games of its time. Unlike Subway Surfers, Temple run takes place in the jungle and gets its inspiration from the Indiana Jones franchise.

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