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About this Game

Saint Seiya Awakening edition is finally here! Unleash the powers of the saints in this card-based RPG that will have you gripping your seat with its over the top action pieces and a new original storyline for the long-time fans. Even if you never watched the show or read the manga, you will surely fall for its gameplay and presentation. Get to play Saint Seiya Awakening free online on PC. Download it here.

Turn-Based Card Battles

Borrowing the same gameplay elements as Fate Grand Order, Saint Seiya Awakening has active gameplay where you must strategize your saints’ actions through its turn-based card system. You only have a limited set of activities – each with its advantage and disadvantage. It is relatively easy to learn, but as soon as you keep progressing, the game requires a form of tactics for the most serious players.

Saint Seiya: Great Gacha Rates

Saint Seiya Awakening also has very generous gacha rates. SSR saints are at a minimum of 2% to 7%, which means you have better luck at the 5* characters here than in FGO or Genshin Impact. Plus, the game spoils the players with free gems that you can earn from maintenance servers, completing levels, and daily logins.

Fans Rejoice

Fans of the original anime will love everything that the game has to offer. It includes all original casts like Pegasus, Cygnus, Dragon, and Andromeda to re-appearance in a brand-new story that serves as a spin-off to the anime. Events also carry heavy references from past episodes and exclusive rewards that any fan would want to have.

Explosive Battles in Saint Seiya

To top it all off, the action segments of the game are loud and vivid. It is one of the most over the top card gacha games out there. Surely, playing this game with your friends and family will bring out the best in you. So, ensure to burn up! Guard your faith and fight for Athena! Win the battles in Saint Seiya now on your PC!

Saint Seiya Game Features:

    • Play authentic copyrights by Masami Kurumada
    • Build your own strongest team in the gameplay.
    • Gather saints and summon Goddess in the match.
    • Battle and play with the top CV.
    • Play and download for free.

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