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Want to know what it is like to be in prehistoric times? Play Dino games now on Games.lol. Control angry cavemen, hunt dinosaurs down, and survive an archaic setting. Become a legendry dinosaur hunter!

Dinosaurs are indeed some of the most legendary creatures in history. They are even the most feared ones to have ever walked the earth! These ancient and immense creatures were once kings. Now, you can learn more about them and experience their presence (albeit virtual) through dinosaur games.


Dino games and other dino hunter titles enable you to take control of some of these mighty creatures and, at the same time, recreate some of their epic actions. Some dino titles like Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores give you the chance to encounter lifelike dinosaurs face-to-face in the game’s 3D virtual setting.


Other titles like T-rex games give you the adrenaline rush of hunting – and sometimes being hunted by – these colossal creatures. Of course, our collection of dino games also includes fun and feel-good titles. Some dino games are about solving puzzles and solving problems.


Why not try out one of these fantastic dinosaur-themed games today and turn the clock back to the prehistoric era! Treat yourself to a plethora of dino games that are all waiting for you to download and play. What is more, you will not be spending a single cent – these games are free!