Free Space Games Download - Experience a New Kind of Space Exploration with these upcoming games

Check out our updated selection of free space games. You pilot fighter ships, charter new planets and explore a new vast system. Our list of space exploration games is available for PC/Mac. Check out upcoming free space games here as well!

For thousands of years, man has always been fascinated with space exploration. Otherwise, history would not state about setting foot on the man, landing on Mars, or sending satellites to far corners of the universe. And like other people, you are also interested in the vastness of space. You might be wondering if aliens do exist! While we continue to search for answers, space exploration games on PC or Mac enable us to explore other planets, fight immense star battles, and battle aliens. Don’t they stir our little minds?


Good news! has carefully hand-picked these free online space games for you to enjoy. For starters, you can experience what it is like to be a space soldier in N.O.V.A Legacy. If you are a huge fan of George Lucas’ Star Wars, this pop culture-inspired flick called Angry Birds Star Wars will get you going. And yes, there is a bird version of Luke Skywalker, because why not?  Of course, it is a crime to forget Power Rangers: Legacy Wars. After all, it shaped our interests towards space.


This category also features upcoming space games, especially the ones with high reviews and scores from our Editor’s Choice section. As you can see, our collection of free space games are is only superb but is also a great deal of fun. Have a look-see at some of our space-inspired titles and treat yourself! Unleash the inner space adventure spirit in you and start playing these simulation games today!