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Assemble a deluge of army, control an entire country, send troops to various locations, or be the leader of a gang – all of these can be experienced in this list of battle games we offer. Explore some of the coolest and most popular war games to date, including war strategy games and RTS games.

War games are without a doubt one of the largest scale games. Not only do they tend to mirror titular franchises like Final Fantasy and Age of Empires, but they also offer a bunch of features and exciting gaming experience. War strategy games, for instance, enable players to take control of large armies, build cities and castles, and obtain resources to buy upgrades or troops.


Join forces and build strategic bases in Army Men Strike. Train troops, build structures, enhance your defenses, and send hoards of dragons in Clash of Clans. Build a new empire that is yours to manage in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire. If you are into heavy artillery, then battle games like Pocket Tanks will not let you down. If you want to go smooth and easy, you can enjoy Clash Royale and some chess games.


Simple controls play a crucial role in war games. This only means that you will not have any trouble leading your army or troops into battle. Most war games like RTS games feature picture buttons and icons, all of which are intuitive and easy to use. You do not have to second guess!


When waging war, as a commander, you must be prepared. Check out our list of war games and download them. It is time to lead your own troops, wage war against other players, and go through lots of war-torn places.