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About this Game


Are you ready to set forth on a new adventure in the Tales world and get lost in another gripping storyline with familiar characters? Then the newest Tales of Crestoria is just the game for you!


Meet Tales Series Characters: New and Old

The latest game mixes excellent RPG elements with the original storyline. This allows you to control Kanata as he fights off a world that is seemingly out to get him.

As you journey forth, you will encounter new characters like Misella and other people who are branded as Transgressors. The deeper you go into the story, the more secrets and revelations you would uncover about the Transgressors and the Stain of Guilt—a mark that labels people as sinners.

Along the way, you will also encounter more familiar faces from the previous Tales games like Cress, Velvet, and Luke who can help you in certain sections of the game.


Engaging Gameplay

Tales of Crestoria gameplay revolves around classic JRPG controls that involve turn-based attack systems. This lets you plan out which attack or spell your characters should use to vanquish their enemies. You can also let characters link their Mystic Arts to unleash devastating combos on hapless opponents!

It is for you to discover which combination works best for your playstyle. You also decide when to use them to decimate monsters whenever they show up. As you garner more experience, you can upgrade your party’s weapons and unlock new skills to make them a formidable force against any oppressors who stand in their way!


Stunning Visuals

Following the Tales tradition, the Tales of Crestoria game sports a magnificent and vibrant world that is beautifully rendered in an amazing blend of classic 2D animations and 3D visuals. Witness smooth character movement as they clashed their swords and cast spells on adversaries while battling in vibrant environments that the Tales series is known for.

Aside from that, the memorable characters and its original storylines create a truly immersive experience in the Tales universe. Both new and old fans would certainly enjoy this game, and you should not miss out!


How to Download on PC

Aching to play Tales of Crestoria PC version? Installing it on your desktop takes a couple of easy steps. Just head down to the Game Download portion of this page and click the ‘PLAY NOW’ button. A dialogue prompt will ask for your permission to begin the Tales of Crestoria download on your PC.  Allow the prompt to initiate installation. You should see a similar window with that of the sample screenshot below. Make sure you have a stable internet connection to avoid any errors while the game is downloading and installing.




Finally, once the game has finished installing, it should run automatically. If not, click on the shortcut located on your desktop screen. And now, you can begin your journey with Kanata and company! If you are looking for more free role-playing games, you can also check out Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire or Guild of Heroes – fantasy RPG.


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