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About this Game


Do you ever wonder what it’s like if an army of cats would try to take over the world? Well, wonder no more! Battle Cats is the game that answers all your cat-related world-domination musings!

Created by PONOS Corporation, Battle Cats tasks you to conquer different territories with your cat army. Along the way, you can recruit stronger and wilder cat breeds and hybrids with every territory you claim. Doing this will bolster your battalion of frenetic felines and be that much closer to complete domination!


Simple But Addictive Gameplay

How does one play Battle Cats? You have to establish your headquarters and make sure you assign your worker cats to certain tasks that gain you income. You’ll need this income to purchase fighting cats that you can use to either conquer opposing areas or help defend your cat towers from possible enemy attacks. The more territories you claim, the more cat types become available for you to purchase and recruit.

You will also amass vast amounts of treasure and items as you plow through different regions. And if you are feeling a bit more competitive, Battle Cats has a surprisingly extensive Story Mode that has numerous levels you can take on for even more prizes and goodies.




Training The Purr-fect Army

Battle Cats boasts a wide assortment of cats that range from wild to wacky and downright silly designs. You start with a generic Cat unit, but as you progress, you get access to Axe Cat, Tank Cat, Ninja Cat, Sumo Cat, and crazier ones such as Gross Cat, Cow Cat, Bird Cat, and Lizard Cat.

But don’t judge these cats for their names or looks—each cat has specific strengths that are essential when taking over enemy areas. It is up to you to determine how to create your Cat army and lay waste to the enemy base!

As you venture to uncharted territories, however, you might encounter more powerful enemies. To defeat them, you have to train and level up your feline companions by clearing various levels. Once a cat reaches level 10, you have the chance to unlock their true form which significantly boosts their overall effectiveness.

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