Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad – Military RPG
TC Elite Squad trio militia TC Elite Squad trio militia
3.4 ★★
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Gather Your Favorite Heroes in Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad

TC Elite Squad medic gameplay
TC Elite Squad gameplay explode
TC Elite Squad drive bridge
TC Elite Squad target area
TC Elite Squad medic gameplay
TC Elite Squad gameplay explode
TC Elite Squad drive bridge
TC Elite Squad target area

All the well-known Tom Clancy universe’s iconic heroes and villains have all gathered in one place. Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad offers tactical military squad-based gameplay that will surely get Tom Clancy veterans very excited. Also, don’t worry if you’re new to the Tom Clancy universe. The game’s exciting story and missions will keep you hooked into the game. Moreover, there will be an in-game tutorial so you won’t get lost. This is a game that will not only reunite the veterans, but also invite new fans.

What to Expect in TC’s Elite Squad?

The world is facing a menacing unknown threat. Players will step into the role of the commander and must assemble an unprecedented elite soldier squad to defend the world. With the carte blanche granted to you, you must recruit the best agents there is to win this war.

In this new addition in the Tom Clancy video game series, players will assemble their favorite characters into a team of heroes. The game also features different modes like campaigns, PVP, and Guild Wars. The game offers something for everyone to enjoy.

Elite Squad Gameplay

This game focuses on tactical gameplay. Assemble a squad consisting of five different characters/soldiers. Each character will have their own strengths, weaknesses, and attributes. In addition, each character will synergize another, so pick your heroes well. Once you have built your squad, you must deploy them into the field against the enemy. Your characters can do different blows to enemies to soften them up – all depending on your command.

After successfully beating the enemy, you and your troops will gain experience and receive a reward of powerful loot. Use what you have gathered to equip your troops with better gears. You can also level up your troops to make them even stronger. With all the power-ups you get, it will surely improve your squad’s efficiency in combat during battles.

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad Key Features

  • Various Iconic Characters – The game offers a diverse cast of iconic characters from every Tom Clancy video game like Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon, The Division, Splinter Cell, and more.
  • Rich Multiplayer Experience – you can test your skills against other squad leaders in the arena in an intense 5v5 battle in PvP mode. Take the fight into a grander scale by joining guild wars. You can team up with your friends or even other players around the world in one guild banner. Build your strategy and strike your opponent!
  • Gear Up – the game allows you to equip your elite team with military-grade gears and hundreds of different weapons.
  • Classic Battlefields – the game features iconic places straight out of Tom Clancy’s video game. Take the battle to the Brooklyn Bridge, Presidential Plane, Death Angel Church, and more.

Gather your squad and lock and load in this 5v5 Action RPG game. Download and play Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad for free now! If you love the RPG genre and want to play some more, check out Lineage 2 Revolution and Monster Legends.




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