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Troll Face Quest: Video Games

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About this Game


Tap into your inner memeologist as Troll Face Quest: Video Games PC tickle your funny bone. Featuring the meme icon Troll Face in a humorous adventure, this game is an absolute masterpiece.

Surely, this is a game that will take weirdness to a whole new level. It is if you want a game that cleverly mixes oddness with slapstick humor. In addition, it throws in brilliant puzzles into the mix to transform the game into the best puzzle game ever!

In this iteration of the famous series, you will journey into the world of mainstream video games. Brace your funny bone because you will encounter the most hilarious parodies of the games you love!


Unique Sense of Humor in Troll Face Quest: Video Games PC

The parody puzzles of in this game are full of familiar references. Most of these references are taken from popular video games so we guarantee that you will be able to relate to all of the jokes. These references range from Supermario to Mortal Kombat and a lot more. So, you better brace yourself because your favorite game is not safe from being trolled!


30 Levels Packed with Fun Challenges

Moreover, all the 30 levels of Troll Face Quest: Video Games play will make you laugh till your dentures begin to drop! However, the puzzle aspects of the game are seriously challenging, so finishing the entire game may take some time.


Compete with 33 Million other Players

With its global leaderboards, you can compete with other players to become the best troll ever! Do you have what it takes to be at the very top of each level? Grab your free Troll Face Quest: Video Games download now and play the game anywhere! With the unblocked version, you can enjoy trolling the trolls even if you’re at school or at work!

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