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About this Game

Are you fascinated with big trucks? Have you always wondered what it is like to drive those gigantic road machines? Would you like to try it? Step into the shoes of a real trucker in the Truck Simulator City PC game.

Wondering what to expect in this fantastic truck simulation? Truck Simulator City lets you become the best truck driver in town. Your job is to transport the cargo contained in the trailer from one point to the next.

Are you up to the task? Should you decide to do it, strap on your seatbelt and rev up the big road machine. Drive the big truck and earn your keep for the day in the Truck Simulator City game.


What to Expect in Truck Simulator City

Drive the truck, transport your cargo, and earn money as a simulated truck driver in this fantastic PC game. This fantastic game offers a realistic view of what it is like to become the best truck driver in the city. Here are some of the top features of Truck Simulator City.


Earn Cash as a Truck Driver

To commence your task, look for the trailer with a red indicator, which will appear on your screen. When you spot this particular trailer, carefully park your truck near it. Simply follow the green indicator as you get to the parking spot.


Get a Better View of the Road

Having trouble with the view? You can modify the position of your camera to get a better look at where you are going. Simply click on the appropriate camera button; this will change the angle of your camera and give you the desired view.


Realistic Truck Simulator City Physics

Considering this is a free game download, it can give you a realistic look and feel of what it is like to be a real truck driver. It features real-world physics. Plus, you get to drive across cities and towns while following a sensible day-and-night cycle.

If you are looking for a truck simulation that is close to the real thing, then you will love this game. Play the Truck Simulator City PC game, then check out some of the awesome Simulation Games for free download. Some examples are Moto Rider GO: Highway Traffic and Design Home!

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