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Ultimate Ninja Blazing

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

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About this Game

Naruto fans rejoice! You can now play the Ultimate Ninja Blazing on your PC for free! Now, get to play with your favorite Naruto characters in an epic battle to see who’s the greatest ninja of all time. Nothing can hold you back in this epic action game. Dash, leap, kick, punch, and slice your way through tons of adventures that will leave you coming back for more. Download Ultimate Ninja Blazing for free on PC today.

Rasengan & Beyond

For Naruto fans, this action game by Bandai Namco Entertainment is a godsend. But, even if you never found the Naruto series interesting, perhaps Ninja Blazing will. It has an awesome combat system that includes a party of three, intriguing locales that feel suitable to fight on, and a generous gacha system that will leave you happy every time you do a pull (maybe except if you get a 3* Sakura or something). It is also a guaranteed F2P friendly game without the hassle of premium pay to win items.

Alongside the gameplay is the original story. Even if you never watched Naruto, you will not feel required to get familiar with the universe first because the game takes place in a different timeline. Nothing is canon here so anything goes for the different clans and villages.

However, if you do want that fix of nostalgia, you might want to go with the events in the game. Most of which are based on past episodes and arcs.

How to Play the Ninja Blazing Game

Ultimate Ninja Blazing is a long-running game that dates back to 2015. While the game may seem old by now, its combat system is still unprecedented. To add more fun, it features a multiplayer mode and online battle mode.

All you need to do is to click on a character to get into the enemy’s attack range. Once in range, prepare to unleash your attack. Don’t forget to use your chakra so you can perform a Ninjutsu. What’s more, make sure to practice your character’s secret technique to overpower against enemies.

Game Features You’ll Love

  • Original story with references from past Naruto episodes
  • Strategic combat
  • True to the source materials
  • Battle against other online players in real-time
  • All your favorite Naruto characters in one game

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