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Assemble a deluge of an army, control an entire country, send troops to various locations, or be the leader of a gang – all of these can be experienced in this list of battle games we offer. Explore some of the coolest and most popular war games to date, including war strategy games and RTS games.

War games are without a doubt one of the largest scale games. Not only do they tend to mirror titular franchises like Final Fantasy and Age of Empires, but they also offer a bunch of features and exciting gaming experience. War strategy games, for instance, enable players to take control of large armies, build cities and castles, and obtain resources to buy upgrades or troops.

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Popular War Games

If you like conflict-themed video games that focus on strategic approach and careful planning, then, welcome to the War Games category. This massive collection of games are handpicked to please gamers who enjoy tactical warfare against random enemies or friendly encounters against friends. Say goodbye to those boring puzzle games and put your wits to work through this collection.

For beginners, one of the classics, not to mention highly addictive strategy games, is Pocket Tanks. Do not be fooled by its modest gameplay design as this highly immersive game requires proper analysis and estimates to beat. Pocket tanks are perfect for those who want to practice their tactics and precision skills without leaving the comfort of their PC.

For those who are into some intricate planning and tactical action, you can try the unblocked version of Lords Mobile. Unlike Pocket Tanks, this MMORPG title combines some of the best elements found in strategy war games with the fun mechanics of RPG titles. Go on a head-to-head battle with your friends and random players across the globe in this one-of-a-kind strategy war game now unblocked for PC.

To that end, take the first step in becoming a commanding general by checking out our vast collection of war games today. Share this game with your friends, minions, and other war game enthusiasts for a jolly good time.