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Test how good and wide your vocabulary skill is on Word Search: Unscramble Words! Each level is named after a sea creature. Start as a Shrimp and level up to become an Oyster, Seahorse, Starfish, Crab, and up until you become a Seal. Then continue to Dolphin, Shark, and ultimately a Blue Whale!


word search unscramble words download


Guess all the words in every stage by connecting 2 or more letters from the wheel. If you need help, you can shuffle the letters to get new combinations and word ideas. You can also get letter hints as long as you can afford it with coins. You can earn coins when you pass a level, connect the game to Facebook, or by watching video ads! More coins can also be purchased with real money.


word search unscramble words pc


Each level will have several stages, and each stage will be increasingly difficult! Do you think you can surpass them all? See how your stock knowledge and vocabulary skills will pan out in this new word trivia game!


word search unscramble words desktop


Download and play Word Search: Unscramble Words free desktop PC game to sharpen your mind! Then give our other Word Games a shot, such as Infinite Word Search Puzzles and Wordscapes!

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