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100 Doors Game - An Immersive Escape Room Puzzle Game

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doors puzzle game pc download 1
doors puzzle game for pc 1
doors puzzle game free pc download 1
doors puzzle game gameplay on pc 1
doors puzzle game pc download 1

If you like playing games where you have to escape rooms, you should try 100 Doors 4. You have to attempt to escape different areas in this simple puzzle game by Bonbeart Games. Challenge yourself to various puzzle challenges situated in a plethora of rooms. Test your wits and investigation skills in hundreds of rooms from the comfort of your computer.

100 Doors Game Play Online – Think Outside the Box

Designed in the spirit of “100 Floors,” 100 Doors game play online is a puzzle game that involves opening doors. This game, which is divided into numerous seasons, will enthrall you with superb graphics and unique levels that don’t repeat. Discover ways to use your mouse to shake or turn the door open while solving difficult riddles. Utilize tips, earn vital rewards for opening doors, and get around challenging levels. Prepare yourself for having to think creatively, hunt for hints, and locate things. Climb the leaderboard by competing with your friends and other escape room enthusiasts across the globe.

One door will greet you when you exit it, and you must attempt to get out of it. However, this game’s short gameplay is what makes it so fantastic. It won’t take you long to look around or try to figure out the jigsaw that will unlock the area. With many different types of riddles in this game, it’s your responsibility to find all of the hidden artifacts in each room, whether old or modern.

Escape Every Door

When you first start playing the 100 Doors game free you’ll notice that moving between rooms is quick and easy. It’s due to the fact that you typically have to work out 1-2 puzzles before you can figure out how to unlock the door or find the key. The first problem will serve as a tutorial, showing you where to look for the clue or key that will help you unlock the door.

You’re on your own after that, unfortunately. The lesson will demonstrate how quickly you can solve the riddles. It’s not like other room escape titles where players get to investigate different areas of a room. You attempt to solve several problems, which will yield various hints until you discover the solution to opening the door. Explore more of this highly immersive game by clicking the download button on this page. As for controls, 100 Doors game free employs a point-and-click scheme allowing you to play the game with just your mouse.

Compelling Game Features to Explore

  • Hundreds of escape rooms to explore
  • In-game tips for beginners
  • Regular updates complete with new rooms
  • Skip room option
  • Stunning graphics and highly-detailed design

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