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Want to know what new pc games online are in store? has collected dozens of new video games coming this year, including their respective trailers, release dates, and ratings. Find out the new video games to download on PC and Mac!

Cannot just get enough of playing unblocked games? Are you also dying to try out some of the new video games coming out this year? Well, no worries – this collection of new online games right here should be enough. They are all available on PC/Mac, and the best thing is, you can download them for free!


Why not start your day with N.O.V.A Legacy and indulge yourself into a space exploration mission? If you want the adrenaline rush involved in car racing games, Need for Speed: No Limits will satisfy you. We also recommend trying new fun games for PC/Mac such as MapleStory M and Donuts Drift. These new titles have proven to be easy favorites. Oh, let’s not forget Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores – it is one of those new online dinosaur games that are a must try!


This category also features the newest updates and trailers, among others, of the soon-to-be released online video games. Plus, it gets updated every day with new content. So, what are you waiting for? Give one of these titles a try! Download them for free. You can play alongside with your friends or conquer feats on your own. Either way, we bet you will get addicted right away!


Top 3 New Releases We Recommend


Word Cookies


Ultimate Car Driving Simulator


Word Cookies is finally on! This interesting and addictive word puzzle is designed for all ages. It would intrigue anyone who loves word or reading games. Not only is it easy to play, you will be sure to get hooked on this puzzle game that can be quite a brain teaser!


The objective of this game is to form words with the given 5, 6 or 7 scrambled letters. There are a bunch of words that you have to form in order to clear the level. Don’t worry though, the first few levels in the game are pretty easy and there will be tutorials to guide you. As you progress through the packs, there will be more letters, which means there are more words to find, increasing the level of difficulty.


You can obtain points every single time you are successful in completing the levels. For coins, you can earn them by completing a pack or when you find special words. These coins are especially useful if you are having problem finding the words in the subsequent levels! By using 25 coins, you are able to buy a letter which makes it much easier for you to find the word. Start playing this awesome word puzzle game now on PC!


Lineage 2 Revolution


Ultimate Car Driving Simulator


Lineage 2 Revolution is one of the biggest games online. This massive launch has garnered so much response and reception from gamers worldwide. Players who love MMORPG are in for a treat with the amazing graphics and thrilling battles.


In the game, you have to create a character from one of four races: Dark Elf, Elf, Dwarf, and Human. Keep in mind, though, that there is no picking genders or even customizing faces. Nonetheless, it does away with letting you choose between three hairstyles. Players will then pick a class – either Warrior, Rogue or Mystic. After that, select your name and you are good to go! You are able to start on your quests right away. There are quests for single player or team quests. In order to make your character more powerful, you will need to put in a lot of time and effort just like any other MMORPG.


Move your character using your keyboard and mouse.  You can also activate skills with your controls. Join a guild and team up with your friends or you can engage in gripping PVP battles with your opponents. Polish your gameplay and emerge victorious to be the best Lineage 2 Revolution player!


Boom Beach


Ultimate Car Driving Simulator


If you have been looking for a cool freemium tower defense games, then you have to check out Boom Beach. It is the kind of title that has perfectly combined the elements of a freemium game, base-building, and combat. If you love strategy games like Clash of Clans, you will definitely enjoy this game as well!
As a player, you will start off with an island base. Your goal is to explore the surrounding areas and help to free the natives there from villainous servitude. In order to free them, you will have to start by building and upgrading ships, namely a gunship and landing boats. These are what you are going to need and use in order to deploy landing parties, as well as take out opposing headquarters and enemy bases.
As long as you are able to free islands, you can easily get rewards from both immediate and long term resources. Add to this the fact that islands are always taken back and, thus, you really have to find a way to retake or earn more supplies. Besides, freeing islands, you have to defend your own island as well! Start strategizing and grow your troops in Boom Beach today!


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