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Do you have a knack for hunting? Although hunting in person is exciting, the thrill is quite the same when you play hunting games on mobile and PC. Here in, we offer you tons of cool and sometimes bizarre hunt games that will surely increase your adrenaline. There are varieties of hunting games for you to explore here. The best part? All can be downloaded for free!

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Epic Seven Hunt Guide – Completing Boss Hunts in This RPG

Getting stronger in Epic Seven is essential, especially if you want to progress quickly in this role-playing game. You’ll need to strengthen and develop your characters because the battles become more difficult as you level up.

If you are on the hunt for prehistoric beasts to survive, then you should definitely download Big Hunter. In this game, you play the role of a tribal leader who has to hunt for large Mammoths and Saber-toothed cats to sustain your group.

Basically, you have to hunt for all kinds of prehistoric mammals to survive. As the leader, you have to sharpen your tools and upgrade weapons from time to time. You can use an ax, sickle, spear, boomerangs, and even stones! But be careful, these animals also know how to defend themselves.

If you’re not into hunting dinosaurs, you can still hunt for other animals that you can see in the wilderness today. You don’t have to play the role of a human in these hunting games. You can play as a predator animal as well!

Like in Hungry Shark Evolution, you play as a Great White Shark in the open sea who has an insatiable appetite. The goal of the game is simple. You just have to go on a feeding frenzy! Eat any fish (or human) you see within distance, and find yourself growing into a Mega Shark in no time.

Aside from these action-packed free hunting games, we also have fish hunting and bird hunting games for you to try. And who says you always have to assume a human role? Some games will let you hunt as a wolf or a shark!

Just browse through our catalog of hunting games, then click the “Play Now” button if you want to download the game on PC. Feel free to check them out today and have a great hunting experience!

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