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five nights at fredd s game inspiration

The Inspiration Behind The Game Series Five Nights At Freddy’s

One of the exciting and scary games that people can play on PC right now is Five Nights At Freddy’s. It’s an action game where you play as a night-time employee at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza.
Posted on April 30, 2021
genshin impact hu tao best builds game guide

Genshin Impact: How to Play Hu Tao

So, you got lucky in Genshin Impact update 1.3, did you?
Posted on April 30, 2021
genshin best characters for party

Genshin Impact Guide: Best Team Party Picks for Bosses & Farming

Let’s be real here: while Genshin Impact is an amazing game, it can be quite tedious as well. With so many characters needing whomperflowers, shards and chunks, you will need to dedicate yourself for hours on end everyday to maximize their levels.
Posted on April 30, 2021
killer bean unleashed playing action 2021

Killer Bean Unleashed: Playing The Action-Shooter in 2021

Just because a game is already close to 10 years old doesn’t mean that it’s something that you shouldn’t play. Many games have been around for a decade but are still popular to this day.
Posted on April 30, 2021
arknights annihilation 3 guide

Arknights: Guide to the Advanced Annihilation 3

Arknights can be quite notorious and oftentimes challenging especially when it comes to its later levels. But if you are a faithful player who feels like it’s your duty to complete all Annihilation missions, then you know how tough Anni 3 is.
Posted on April 30, 2021
arknights annhilation 2 game guide

Arknights: Advanced Annihilation 2 Guide

Arknights players know that completing the weekly Annihilation is the best way to earn a huge amount of free Orundum. Completing Anni 2 will increase the weekly Orundum cap to 1500.
Posted on April 30, 2021
mindgames for mommies

Mother’s Day Special: 5 Best Games Moms Will Enjoy Playing

Showing appreciation to our mothers every day is important, but Mother’s Day is an extra special day for all moms. It’s a day where mothers usually get to relax and not worry about household chores or running errands.
Posted on April 30, 2021
general scientist spy boom beach characters

Boom Beach: A Comprehensive Look on Its Characters

Supercell is known to create addictive multiplayer strategy games. And one of their creations is Boom Beach, an online multiplayer strategy game where players build bases on an archipelago.
Posted on April 30, 2021
cooking fever the ultimate strategy guide for beginners

Cooking Fever – The Ultimate Strategy Guide For Beginners

One of the best cooking games that you can play right now is Cooking Fever. It’s an arcade cooking game that’s published by Nordcurrent.
Posted on April 30, 2021
pokemon quest game tips

Pokémon Quest: Tips on How to Ace the Game

Pokemon Quest is one of the free games people love to spend their time with especially during the pandemic. 2020 just went by with everyone mostly stuck indoors and constantly hoping for better days.
Posted on April 28, 2021
subway surfers 9 mind blowing facts

Subway Surfers: 9 Mind-Blowing Facts Every Player Should Know

A game created to celebrate the street culture, Subway Surfers has topped the video game charts for many years now. The game is all about running endlessly without getting caught by two characters, the dog and the inspector.
Posted on April 28, 2021
toca life world build characters

Toca Life World: Secrets You Can Find In The Game

Toca Life World is the perfect game for kids and kids at heart who miss letting their imagination run wild. Before the internet, social media, and other forms of entertainment right now, most kids would just play with toys.
Posted on April 28, 2021
pocket mortys original morty header 1

Pocket Mortys – Tips To Beating The Game With The Original Morty

One of the fun and exciting games you can play is Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys. This match is a role-playing game that uses the characters of the popular Rick and Morty cartoon series.
Posted on April 25, 2021
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