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Casual Games

If you are into casual games online and want to download them for free, then look no further than With all these free games casual that are fun-filled games, you are spoilt for choice! Try out educational, cooking and dress up games for kids, all here in! In case you did not know, online casual games have grown rapidly in popularity. They are, in fact, the most popular and best casual games all over the world due to the simplicity and excitement they offer. What is more, they do not have high system requirements. And while they are truly captivating, they do not necessarily demand the highest of concentration levels. In other words, these games are a great way to pass the time! Of course, there are also really fun games for kids too!

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The 6 Best Casual Games To Start Your Gaming Passion

Many people think that the phrase ‘video game players’ is a term referred only to hardcore gamers who are passionate about gaming. But that’s not true at all. have a large collection of casual games like casual games pc, all of which are ready to entertain you with a unique experience. Whether you a hardcore game or a habitual one, you can never go wrong with any of these titles in this category such as in the casual pc games.

For instance, you can experience what it is like to have a virtual pet with My Talking Tom. The classic-inspired My Tamagotchi Forever will also not let you down. Cook up a feast with cooking games like Cooking Fever and Cafeland – World Kitchen. We have also prepared dress up games for girls who love to play dress up! From flash games to fun educational types to the more recreational games, this category includes a rich casual games list to your liking.

Check out our collection of casual games for you to play online. And do you know what the best part is? They are completely free! Simply click on the game icon and start downloading away!

Top 3 Casual Games We Recommend


Balance Obstacles

Balance is an electrifying educational game that provides hours of fun for your kids. It will teach your kids how power grids work as they are tasked with the maintenance of power grids to keep a steady supply of electricity. In this fun game, you need to adjust the lines of different kinds of power plants so that they can supply the needed power to various cities. As you progress through the game, aside from supplying enough electricity to households, you also have to ensure that your power grids will not overload by knowing their capacities and making sure that they do not go beyond their limit.

Balance is a free casual game that features hundreds of levels of challenging missions. It is the perfect game for your casual gaming session. The game also features stunning graphics and smooth animations. With its simple controls and straightforward gameplay, you will get hooked to it in no time at all. If you are looking for a great challenge during your idle time, Balance will surely work your brain in a way that is both refreshing and relaxing to you. It is a seriously fun game for kids and adults. Test your skills in this shocking fun game.

Boom Beach

Boom Beach Free PC and MAC Download

From the makers of Clash of Clans comes another fun free game that will get you hooked for hours, Boom Beach. Help the islanders to get free from the notorious Blackguard with your combat strategies and war skills. Use your soldiers and raid your enemies to complete your missions. Build your base and fortify your defenses as you acquire loots and upgrades to further strengthen your headquarters. Boom Beach is a great game with millions of active players.

Boom Beach features over ten types of defensive fortresses and various attack units that you can control. The objective of the game is to collect units and build a base that can withstand the attacks of your enemies. You need to come up with unique strategies for your raids as different enemies have different game plans. Looking for a challenge? Team up with other players and launch an attack on the enemy team in group raids and tournament matches. You can create your own team and join an existing one in this online multiplayer game.

Boom Beach is a free game, however, you need to be constantly connected as it uses real-time strategy gameplay to keep players in sync during the game.

Cooking Fever

Cooking Fever Rush Hours

With lots of dishes to cook up, Cooking Fever is one of the best casual cooking games that you can play. Cooking Fever requires time-management skills as you prepare the orders of your customers and cook them up in a certain period of time. You need to be fast in fulfilling orders or your customers will get upset. In the game, you will take the role of a chef who travels to different locations to show off her cooking prowess.

This fun game features 20 unique locations with hundreds of levels available for you. It also has 150 ingredients that you can use to cook more than 400 dishes. If you are looking a casual game to spend hours playing without getting bored, Cooking Fever is the right game for you. Who says cooking games can’t be fun and exciting?

Cooking Fever has a story that you need to complete to progress through the game. As you complete more missions, you will unlock more restaurants in various locations in the world. Your dishes will also get more complicated, from simple burgers and soda to the most exquisite Chinese, Mediterranean, Japanese, and Italian dishes. Manage your time wisely and satisfy the hunger of your customers in this amazing cooking game for kids.

The best casual games for pc are indeed fun casual games. These casual fun games can be casual multiplayer games and everything that is all about casual games. The top casual games are found in Just browse and enjoy casual arts hidden object games, casual strategy games, and casual RPG games as well as casual adventure games and casual dress up games.

Jump right into any of these exciting Casual Games now! Click on any of the free Casual games here and start playing!

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