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Airplane Pilot Car Transporter

Vital Games Production

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About this Game


A simple yet fun and entertaining simulation game, this is what the Airplane Pilot Car Transporter PC game is offering. Developed by Vital Games Production, this game simulates cargo transportation to different locations. The goal is simple, just reach the designated location before the timer runs out! Experience the fun when you get a free Airplane Pilot Car Transporter download for PC now!

What makes this simulation game even more fun is that you have the freedom to explore since there are lots of goals to accomplish!. Imagine flying the plane around first before landing on your destination? Just be mindful of the time limit in every level so you can advance to the higher ones right away.


Control Different Types of Transportation

The main feature of the Airplane Pilot Car Transporter play is that you can control different modes of transportation. You will drive a car, a truck, and even fly an airplane. Whatever vehicle you control, the goal is to reach the designated area before the timer runs out.

You begin the game by driving a car that you need to put inside the transport truck. You will do this twice since the truck can fit two cars. Once done, the next level requires you to drive a truck towards a designated area at the airport. After that, you need to load the two cars inside the airplane. The last level of the game will require you to fly the airplane to a different airport.


Freedom of Movement in Airplane Pilot Car Transporter Play

Another feature of this game is the freedom of movement. You don’t need to follow a specific path or course to get to the designated area. It doesn’t matter if you stroll around the city first or fly around before you go to the location.

As long as you reach the location before the timer runs out, you will complete the level! This is great since it allows you to explore the city and unique spots of the game. Get a free Airplane Pilot Car Transporter PC download to enjoy this unique cargo simulation game now!

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