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About this Game

Are you tired of the usual games that you play, and you want something new that would entertain you? Then this guessing genie will be the one who will blow your mind with its guessing skills. Its ability to know what you’re thinking of is a sure way to keep you interested in the game for hours! You can even play this game with your family and friends and have the genie guess what they think. This game is sure to deceive you with its deduction and guessing skills, and it will also keep you interested at the same time.


How Does Free Akinator App Works?

All you have to do is respond to a series of questions, and the genie will be able to guess what you think quickly. Also, in Akinator online, the roles are reversed. It is the genie that will be asking you a series of questions, and all you have to do is to either say yes, no, don’t know, probably, and probably not. Through those answers, the genie in the Akinator app will be processing the information it has received and using it as a basis for its guess.




Beating the Levels in Akinator Online Play

Some tried to beat the Akinator genie by giving false answers, and although they did technically beat the game, you also hit the fun out of the game. There is nothing fun about cheating, which is why you are expected to give honest answers when playing the game so that you would enjoy it best. To win against the Akinator, you have to think of complex characters. That will make the genie guess harder and you can get a chance to beat the competition. Regardless, having the genie guess the correct answer is still fun in its way. It’s the wow factor of having your thoughts read is what makes the game fun.


The Akinator: Why is it a Fun Play?

How you play the game is up to you, but we can never deny that there are so many fun ways of making Akinator online a fun game. First, the fact that the genie can guess what you’re thinking is what makes it enjoyable. It also gives an additional wow factor because of this “electronic psychic.” You can play with your friends and family, betting on whose thoughts will be read by the genie. You can also try to beat the game by thinking of complex or uncommon characters, animals, or objects. Although you can also give wrong answers just to mess with it, it depends on you. Either way, the Akinator is a super fun, unique game that is fit for all ages!

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