Aquarium Land
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Aquarium Land - Build a Bustling Aquarium Mini Zoo

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aquarium land pc download
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Have you always wanted an aquarium mini-mart? Catching fish and then selling them as pets to people or putting them in big aquariums to be viewed? Then you should try playing Aquarium Land by HOMA GAMES. It’s a casual simulation game where you get to own an aquarium mini-mart called Aquarium Land. In your aquarium, you showcase various types of sea creatures, including large ones. Some of them are sold to your customers to become pets.

It’s a simple game with intriguing gameplay that you’ll love. Let’s talk about how you’ll play Aquarium Land, as well as the features the game has.

Build Your Own Aquarium Land

Your goal in Aquarium Land online is simple and that’s to build and establish your aquarium mini-mart. Therefore, you must make sure you have enough fish and the flow of cash is consistent. You fill your aquarium with sea creatures by capturing them in the sea and putting them in the aquarium. As you fill your aquarium with fish, customers will start to purchase these sea creatures.

It’s a cycle in Aquarium Land. You capture fish, sell them, make money, and then catch more fish. The money you earned can be used to expand your aquarium, as well as upgrade your character. Aside from selling fish, you also have an area on aquarium land where you put big fish for display. You also earn money here whenever people visit and watch the sea creatures you have on display. Let’s now discuss in the next section how Aquarium Land is played.

Aquarium Land – Becoming an Aquarium Zoo Tycoon

Like with many different games you can play, Aquarium Land will have a short tutorial in the beginning. It will teach you the basics of the gameplay. In terms of controls, you only have one to worry about, and that’s moving. The first thing you’ll do is to put up an aquarium which is done automatically once you reach the area it will be placed. After that, you catch fish to put in the aquarium.

You’ll start with the clownfish in Aquarium Land. Just go to the sea and there’s a fan-like targeting that you’ll use to catch fish. The fishes will try to move away from you, so you need to follow them and keep them in your targeting area until they’re captured. Once your bag in Aquarium Land is full, you go back to the aquarium and fill it with fish. Then go to the cashier area and collect payments for the fish.

After collecting the money, use it to unlock more aquariums and upgrade your character to improve performance. That’s basically what you do in the Aquarium Land game.

Compelling Casual Simulation Game Features

  • Different fish for you to catch and showcase
  • Upgrade your character to improve performance
  • Catch big sea creatures to place in your showcase aquarium
  • Earn lots of money with your sea creatures

If you enjoy playing this simulation game about sea creatures, then you might enjoy trying out these games. The games are Tap Tap Fish Abyssrium, where you get your virtual aquarium, or Fish Live. It’s another simulation game where you get to take care of fish. Get them only here in now.




How to Install

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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