Blocky Farm Racing & Simulator
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Enjoy Racing & Farm Life With Blocky Farm Racing & Simulator

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Who says racing and farm life don’t mesh together? Well, they haven’t played Blocky Farm Racing & Simulator yet that’s why. It’s a casual racing simulation game published by mobadu. In this game, you get to experience and simulate farm life. You ride your tractors, plant or harvest crop, and go around town delivering your goods. But aside from the farm life, this game also offers a racing and demolition game mode.

It’s an interesting game, that somehow was able to incorporate racing into a farming simulation game. Let’s discuss in more detail the gameplay of Blocky Farm Racing & Simulator. This will allow you to see how the two can be played together.

Farming & Racing in the Blocky Farm Racing Game

Blocky Farm Racing & Simulator is unlike most games out there since it won’t begin with a tutorial. Instead, you’re taken straight to the main page of the game. When you start to play, you can decide between racing, farming simulator, or demolition.

The racing part is similar to that of endless runner games where there’s no end and you just have to avoid obstacles along the way. But what’s unique here is that you’ll use farm vehicles as your race car. That’s right you get to use tractors to race in this game.

The gameplay is also not similar to endless runners where switching lanes is as easy as swiping a finger. Here, you get to feel like you’re driving, so you need to have good control when you’re changing lanes.

For the farm simulator, you get to experience having a farm on your own. So, you’re riding your tractor and can use it to plow the fields or harvest crops. What’s interesting about this game mode is that there’s a town for you to explore and drive around.

The last game mode is demolition, where it’s similar to racing. But this time, you try to demolish everything in your path. Let’s now discuss the gameplay of the Blocky Farm Racing game.

How Blocky Farm Racing Game is Played

Though the game features farming simulation, it’s mostly a racing/driving game, because you don’t get to go down. You will always be in your vehicle. In terms of controls, there are plenty. There are the accelerate, brake, and reverse, as well as the left and right buttons.

There are also other buttons present, but that will depend on the vehicle you’re driving. For regular vehicles, there’s the horn and turbo. But for tractors, other buttons will allow you to operate certain functions of the tractor you’re riding.

As for the gameplay, it depends on the game mode you are playing. But there will be instructions in the beginning, so you won’t have to figure out on your own what to do. It’s a fun game that’s worth playing.

The Features of Block Farm Racing & Simulator

  • Choose from three different game modes to play
  • Drive various vehicles, including farm vehicles
  • Explore the big ranch and village during farm simulator mode
  • Unlock more farm vehicles for you to use.

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How to Install

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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