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About this Game

BTS is probably the most popular Korean boy band right now. With millions of ARMY (fans) all over the world, it’s clear that these boys took the world by storm. And if you love this boy group so much, here’s a game for you! BTS Universe Story is everything you need as a fan. It lets you dive into the BTS world and create a cool story that you can play around with as well.

Aside from that, you can mix and match outfits for them and become the band’s personal stylist! BTS Universe Story is a fun and interesting simulation game that tackles the lives of each of the BTS members. This game allows you to create your own version or story with unknown consequences until you choose a path of your own.

Enjoy the BTS Universe Story Game on PC

As you build your BTS story, you have the option to style, accessorize, or use AR for each member. BTS Universe Story is definitely one for the books as you can move each member into real-life spaces and make them dance or chill with the others too. You can take screenshots and share this with other K-Pop fans online!

Playing BTS Universal Story is just like having a really cool social media account. You create your own story or adventure by simply using trial and error. Like real life, you will never know your fate unless you do something and push through the story. Different options and choices you make throughout the game will give a variety of results.

Once you finish tasks in the game, you will earn rewards such as jewels. Jewels are used to get new clothes and accessories for BTS members. If you collected a lot of jewels, you can get some tickets as well. Tickets can be used to purchase content made by the BTS Universe community.

Game Features

  • Create unique stories with your favorite BTS members.
  • Choose adventures and make the right choices to uncover your fate.
  • Build your very own BTS Universe Collection.
  • Dress up your favorite BTS members and share it with other fans!

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