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Bubble Shooter Game – Enjoy Playing The Awesome Puzzle Game

There are many different bubble shooting games that you can play right now. But if you want a fun and unique game, then you should try Bubble Shooter. It’s a casual puzzle arcade that’s published by Smoote Mobile. It’s your typical bubble shooter where your goal is to eliminate all the bubbles on the board before they reach the bottom.

Of course, that’s not going to be easy in this game since you have to be good at aiming your bubbles properly. You will see in the next section why this casual puzzle game is going to be more challenging than the other bubble shooting games.

Properly Playing Bubble Shooter

Unlike many of the bubble shooting games available right now, this casual game won’t have a tutorial. But if you’ve played bubble shooters before, then you won’t have issues playing this since the gameplay is similar. You will be shooting a certain colored bubble from a cannon and you just have to aim it to the right colored bubble on the board. If the bubble you shoot hits the same-colored bubble on the board and there are at least 2 of them together, then they’re removed from the board.

Of course, the more colored bubble is removed, the better. And like with any bubble shooting game, you have to make sure the bubbles on the board won’t grow large enough that it reaches you. There will be a warning that the bubbles on the board are getting near. When this happens, you have to make sure you eliminate the nearest bubble on the line. You can switch the bubble on the cannon with the next bubble lined up.

What makes this a difficult game is because your cannon won’t have an aiming line. This means you’ll have to base your aim from your eye. You need to have a good and accurate eye so when you shoot the bubble, it will hit the target. This will be even more difficult if the bubble your targeting will be near the top. Without the aiming line, you have to rely on your ability to calculate the angling just from your eye.

Main Features of This Awesome Game

  • 2 game modes to choose from.
  • Numerous levels to complete.
  • Enjoy the different scenes available.

If you enjoy playing casual games like this one, then check out Bubble Bust 2 or Bubble Worlds as well. Both are similar bubble shooters with fun and entertaining gameplay.

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