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Buraco: Free Canasta Cards


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About this Game

There is a whole bunch of card games that are fun to play. Some are played by two or more players, while some can only be played by one. Some card games even vary depending on the country you’re from. If you’re from Latin America or Italy, the Buraco Canasta Jogatina is their popular card game.

The Buraco game is a card game made for two or more players. It is played by creating combinations formed by straights or sets of three or more cards at the same time. When creating combinations, players see to it that it should be of equal rank and suit sentences.

Many Latin Americans and Italians loved this classic game a lot. This is the reason why it is still played even until today – but right now, the game is played differently. Thanks to the developers of Jogatina.com, the Buraco game is free to play on your PC.

If you enjoy playing Buraco PC, download the game on your desktop now!


Play Buraco Canasta Jogatina with Random Players

This card game may be played with your friends. But what makes the Buraco PC awesome is that you can play it with random players around the world. Get the chance to enjoy the game while getting to know them online. You can even talk to them with the game’s chatbox.

What’s more, you have the power to choose to play between groups of two or four. All you need to do is to send invites to your friends to play in the same match.


Play Buraco Game Yourself

If you prefer playing the Buraco desktop game by yourself, you have the option to do it. Even though the game should be played by more than two players, there are bots to duel. So you can still enjoy playing the game.


Customize the Way You Want It

Tired of seeing the same card colors when playing other card games? With the Buraco game, you don’t have to. You can customize it any way you like it. Do you want to change the table, the cards, or the decks, maybe? Go ahead. Check out the various choices available.

If you are hyped up to play this game, time to do Buraco download now! This game is free to play on your PC. And there are also many other Card Games you can download like Solitaire and Spider Solitaire Classic!

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