Burger Shop – Free Cooking Game Download Free PC Games on Gameslol
Burger Shop – Free Cooking Game Best PC Games

Burger Shop – Free Cooking Game

GoBit Games

Burger Shop – Free Cooking Game Download Free PC Games on Gameslol

Burger Shop Free Download | Available For PC


Take orders, prepare them, and serve them to customers as swiftly and as accurately as possible. This is what usually happens in burger shops which GoBit Games replicated in this Burger Shop PC play simulation game. This game gives you a taste of how things are done inside actual burger shops!

You have tons of customers coming in and ordering the food they desire. Your job is to deliver their orders as quickly and accurately as possible. You get to earn tips if you do it correctly but if you don’t, you will earn the ire of your customers and get poor ratings! Start your Burger adventure when you get a free Burger Shop download for PC now!


8 Different Restaurants to Complete

The game has 8 different restaurants that you need to complete. Each restaurant will have 10 levels under it, and you need to complete each one before unlocking or expanding the next restaurant.

You must remember that the levels become harder as you move up. You also get to see new types of customers with different levels of patience as you open new restaurant locations. Some customers will have higher patience while others will have shorter ones, so plan accordingly on who to serve first!


Unlock Multiple Food Items and Kitchen Tools on Burger Shop PC

Another feature of the Burger Shop game is that you will have over 60 different food items to unlock and prepare in the kitchen. You start off with Burgers of course, but later you will unlock new offerings such as fries and soda. As you level up, you start offering more variations, like twister fries, orange soda, ice cream, and more.

Be careful, the more food you offer, the more confusing the game becomes. However, you may get some help by unlocking power-ups and boosters. There are power boosts, speed boosts and a Burger bot that can complete orders in an instant on Burger Shop PC!


Enjoy Different Game Modes For Burger Shop Play

Burger Shop game has several modes available. There is the Story Mode, Relax Mode, the Challenge Mode, and the Expert Story. The Challenge and Relax More are unlocked after completing one restaurant, while the Expert Story mode is unlocked only after completing Story Mode.

As the name suggests, the Challenge Mode is the hardest one because the customers are more impatient. There’s also a time limit in each level, and you lose whenever a customer leaves. Relax Mode is where you can play the game without any pressure, as customers won’t leave regardless of how long you take to complete an order. Experience the ultimate fast food simulation game on PC when you get a free Burger Shop download now!

If you love more casual cooking games like this, you can check out Cooking Fever or Cafe Land – World Kitchen! You can also enjoy these games on PC with a free unblocked download here.

Game Download

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your Burger Shop – Free Cooking Game installation.

Click the downloaded file at the bottom of your screen.
Click "Yes" on the system dialog window to start of your game installation.
Once download is completed, the game will start automatically.

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