Demon Blade – Japan Action RPG
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Garage51 Entertainment

Demon Blade - Japanese Action RPG: Become A Powerful Demon Slayer

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demon blade download PC
demon blade download free
demon blade download full version
demon blade download PC free
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Feudal Japan was full of rivalry and chivalry, which is why Samurais were essential to defending the feudal lords and their territories while killing all their rivals. They had high prestige and a well-established reputation as some of the strongest military nobility in medieval and modern Japan. They are also very well-paid. But didn’t you know that samurai had another vital role aside from protecting feudal lords and defending territories? That is to become a Demon Slayer who is tasked with killing all demons trying to infiltrate Japan! And in Demon Blade – Japanese action RPG, you will experience being a mighty samurai.

In this game, you have to defeat yokai and keep them at bay. Take your character to new heights as you discover a world full of demons. Sharpen your katana and use the best equipment as you play Demon Blade on PC!

Become the Greatest Demon Slayer

Demon Blade – Japan Action RPG is a role-playing game by Garage51 Entertainment where your main objective is to subjugate all demons and stop the progression of the world’s corruption. It all starts in Japan, so Demon Slayers are called to save the people and protect them while wearing armor and the Demon Blade, a weapon of the Demon Hunter.

Slayers have to fight and kill the yokai before they can entirely corrupt Japan. Dive into a world full of exciting combat and dungeons to explore. Join a clan in Demon Blade and become the strongest samurai. Face the evil together with your clan, and don’t ever let the demons defeat you.

How to Play Demon Blade

Demon Blade – Japan Action RPG is an exciting game where you get to explore medieval Japan. In this game, you are tasked with killing all demons that are threatening to corrupt Japan and its people. You must stop these malevolent spirits and explore dungeons to find them. Using the Demon Blade, you must kill all of them. With every victory, you will be rewarded with legendary objects.

Game Features

  • Team up with other players and join raids to beat dungeon bosses.
  • Battle against other players to find out who’s the top samurai.
  • Play as a samurai and make your character and gear stronger.
  • Keep your sword safe—it’s vital in fighting demons.
  • Enjoy the beautiful artwork inspired by Chinese ink, bringing feudal Japan to life.

Do you have what it takes to become the Demon Slayer? Download and play this game on PC now! And if you’re looking for more role-playing games like this, check out Dungeon Hunter 5 – action RPG or Game of War – Fire Age as well!




How to Install

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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