Dino Squad: Dinosaur Shooter
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Dino Squad - Conquer the Battlefield with Your Dinosaur Soldiers

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We always see dinosaurs portrayed as villains in other games. Some games portray them as these brave heroes capable of destroying enemies. If you want to try a game where dinosaurs are equipped with powerful weapons, try Dino Squad: Dinosaur Shooter. This action game allows you to see the good-versus-evil world of battling dinosaurs. If you want to immerse yourself in dino battles, try playing this fantastic game.

Enjoy a PvP Dinosaur Shooter

Dino Squad is a dinosaur shooter action game published by UPWAKE.ME. This action game brings a combination of Jurassic and battle royale features. You will embark on a shooting adventure where dinosaurs fight against each other. It is different from those battle royale games, except you are eliminating your enemies. These enemies are also dinosaurs that can eliminate you with their powerful weapons.

Fortunately, the battlefield where you will fight these dinosaurs allows you to escape their wrath. You can also activate your special abilities to kill the enemy dinosaurs quickly. Traverse in this vast landscape and prove your might as you embark on the dinosaur battles.

Dive Into Action-Packed Battles

Playing Dino Squad is similar to other action shooting games out there. The only difference is you will use dinosaurs to conquer the battlefield with your weapons. With its immersive game graphics and realistic environment, you can feel the dynamic battles. At the beginning of the game, you need to choose which dinosaur you will use in battles. You can purchase any dinosaur using the resources available as the game starts. Each of them has unique abilities and weapons you can take advantage of. After you create your dino squad, it is time to test them on the battlefield.

You can also add weapons to your dinosaurs if you want them to be more destructive in Dino Squad. It helps them to defend themselves well while on the battlefield. Choose the destructive add-on weapons you can encounter if you think it helps. You can also use their special abilities to traverse the battlefield while fighting. Special abilities allow them to navigate the battlefield effectively and dodge enemy attacks. Always pay attention to your surroundings as other dinosaurs also have special abilities. Dodge them with all your might to avoid getting killed on the battlefield.

Dino Squad Game PC Features You Should Know

  • An exciting dinosaur battle gameplay experience
  • Create a dino squad from the list of dinosaurs
  • Equip your dinosaurs with destructive weapons
  • Use special abilities to dodge enemy attacks
  • An immersive 3D battleground that elevates the action

Play Dino Squad on your PC today. You can also try Chaos Road: Combat Racing and Little Big Snake for related action games to play. Get them here for free in Games.lol.




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