EMERGENCY HQ: rescue strategy
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Emergency HQ – Manage Emergency Services & Deal With Emergencies

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Have you ever wondered what being part of an emergency response team is like? You don’t have to wonder about Emergency HQ Rescue Strategy anymore. It’s a simulation strategy game where you command emergency services and dispatch emergency vehicles to areas that need them.

It features elements of a strategy game where you build a base and takes control of units. But instead of battling enemies and other bases, you do catastrophe management in Emergency HQ.

The game lets you have your own emergency services team and deal with different emergencies. Let’s talk more about the gameplay of Emergency HQ to know how the game works and what you need to do.

Build & Dispatch Emergency Vehicles

Emergency HQ Rescue Strategy is a rescue simulation game. You will command an emergency service center where you’ll build various emergency buildings. This would include a fire department, a hospital, a tow truck depot, a police department, and more.

You will then dispatch emergency vehicles to areas that require assistance. Your main objective in Emergency HQ is catastrophe management. You ensure that you address all the various emergencies your area has in a timely and efficient manner.

But dispatching emergency vehicles is just one aspect of Emergency HQ. You’ll go to the actual location of the emergency and take command of the firefighters, EMTs, and other rescue people dispatched to the location.

How to Play Emergency HQ

If you’ve played base-building strategy games before, then you won’t have a hard time playing Emergency HQ Rescue Strategy. But the game will have a tutorial in the beginning. It will help you learn the basic gameplay and what you’ll do in missions.

You will have an emergency services center where you can construct various services buildings. Each building in Emergency HQ will contain a unit that you can dispatch.

Upgrading that building will unlock another unit for you to dispatch. Take note that when you dispatch emergency vehicles to areas in need of assistance in Emergency HQ, you spend money. But you also earn once you complete the mission.

Emergency HQ is like a typical strategy game where you build, earn resources, and then upgrade to increase the efficiency and performance of units. But with Emergency HQ, your battlefield is accidents, fires, disputes, and so on that, you need to deal with.

Features of Emergency HQ

  • Command an emergency services center and dispatch emergency vehicles
  • Different emergency buildings to construct and upgrade
  • Deal with different emergencies
  • Take command of your rescue team and deal with the emergency at hand

If you enjoy playing simulation games like this one, then you should also check out Rescue Dash: Time Management. It’s another simulation game where you try to deal with emergencies promptly. Another similar game you can try is Coast Guard: Beach Rescue Team.




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