Exos Heroes
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Exos Heroes PC Version - A Fantasy-Adventure Online Game

exos heroes download free
exos heroes download full version
exos heroes download PC free
exos heroes download PC
exos heroes download free
exos heroes download full version
exos heroes download PC free
exos heroes download PC

The story of Exos Heroes starts in Exos, where there was one ruling country, the Baikal Empire, a nation under the rule of the Dragon Clan. When the last Emperor from this line came under the Dragon Curse, the Grand Masters took it upon themselves to cleanse the land of his tyranny. Since then, the land has been divided into seven kingdoms, each under the rule of these seven Grandmasters.

Such is the world you find yourself in the Exos Heroes game, where you play a noble hero searching for the mystic sword of the emperor, the “Exestruk.” You must also deal with the effects of the curse of the ancient dragon and experience this adventure. In Exos Heroes, you will be fueled by “unique visualism” — a features that makes it a unique and extraordinary RPG!

Dragons & the Exestruk Exist in Exos Heroes on PC

Your adventure in Exos Heroes begins on an airship, the staple of the land of Exos. Your guide to this adventure game will be no other than an ancient dragon, Bitru, alongside Zeon – a treasure hunter. The two of them are your worthy companions in the search of the dragon artifact as well as treasure, the sword Exestruk.

With these two companions, you can most certainly figure out what you’re going to do for most of your time in the world of Exos as you play Exos Heroes. You’ll be able to explore ancient ruins, searching for clues about your mission. You’ll also be able to look for lost treasures in which, no doubt, Zeon will be a big help. Moreover, you’ll be able to do this on a grand RPG online!

Amazing Battle Scenes

Even while you’re battling monsters in Exos Heroes, you’ll be amazed at how intricate each detail is, as if you’re playing in a cinematic video. Don’t let your guard down too long, though, as the battles are really intense. Prepare to get blown away by the battles scenes in Exos Heroes.

You will also experience a true RPG turn-based game here in Exos Heroes. If you’re a fan of strategic, slow-paced battles that allow you to formulate your moves, you’ll get that here. You’ll also feel like you’re playing a Final Fantasy game, with the artistic renditions of the characters you’ll get to meet in Exos Heroes and during cutscenes.

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install Games.lol on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

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Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


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OpenGL 2.0+ support

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