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About this Game

Square Enix adds another world into its ever-expanding Final Fantasy franchise with Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (FFBE)! New players and veteran FF gamers alike are whisked off into yet another compelling tale full of adventure. Tasked to save the world of Lapis from various threats, they are pitted against new and familiar enemies.

A Mix of Classic & Modern RPG Gameplay

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius on PC harkens back to its RPG game roots by incorporating its Japanese RPG mechanics and sensibilities. Played similarly to its older predecessors, with its classic turn-based combat and magic combos, it lets you think on your feet while battling your enemies.

However, FF Exvius PC also blends the classic FF mechanics with modern gameplay. The battles are interactive and are easy to get used to, especially for newer players. FFBE introduces the strategic elements and combos on top of button-bashing mechanics to keep gameplay fresh and engaging.

Furthermore, FFBE’s dungeons and areas bring another JRPG element to players—they contain treasures but are also riddled with enemies and winding paths. It is up to players if they are brave enough to venture into such perilous dungeons, defeat hordes of enemies, and acquire powerful weapons and items!

Meet New & Old Faces

One of Final Fantasy’s strengths is its memorable characters. The Final Fantasy Brave Exvius download introduces new original characters while still including iconic characters from their previous titles such as Squall, Cloud, and Terra. These characters also have powerful attacks that players can use to thwart numerous threats in the world of Lapis. Aside from familiar heroes, FFBE also has unforgettable villains from the older Final Fantasy games that wreak havoc in Lapis.

To further immerse newer players to the Final Fantasy mythos, FFBE on PC also included old favorite summons that includes Ifrit, Shiva, and Bahamut with awesome animated attacks. Moreover, no Final Fantasy game would be complete without the inclusion of Chocobos! FFBE also introduces the yellow bird to newer players to make them see why Chocobos are a staple in FF games.

This information is just in words, so why don’t you download and check out the free game online now? Surely, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius on PC will bring you fun classic gameplay with a modern twist. Play and it now, enjoy it!

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