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Godus for PC - Sculpt Your World in the Ultimate God Simulation Game

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godus download PC free 1
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godus download free 1
godus download PC 1
godus download PC free 1
godus download full version 1
godus download free 1

Godus is an entertaining god simulation game published by DeNA Corp. Available for free download on PC, this game allows players to experience the power of creation and control in a vibrant, living world. The game has been positively received, with numerous reviews praising its immersive gameplay and innovative design. So why wait? Download and play Godus online and start your divine adventure today!

Feel the Divine Powers in the Realm of Godus

In Godus, you’re not just a passive observer, but an active participant with divine powers at your fingertips. The game features a unique ‘Land Sculpting’ mechanic that lets you mould every inch of the world. From carving rivers and raising mountains to cultivating lush forests, your creative prowess is key to shaping civilization.

The game also presents a fascinating ‘Follower’ system where your worshippers look up to you for guidance. You can influence their lives, help them evolve from primitive beings to advanced societies, and even perform miracles that inspire awe and devotion.

Moreover, the game’s beautiful visuals and dynamic weather system make the world feel alive and responsive. With each swipe or tap, you set in motion changes that ripple across the landscape. It’s an experience that’s both empowering and humbling, reminding you of the delicate balance that governs life and growth.

But that’s not all – Godus online also offers multiplayer modes where you can challenge other players, proving your divine prowess and strategic acumen.

Play Godus & Become Your Followers Divine Guidance

Playing Godus online is an exercise in creativity, strategy, and patience. The game starts with a barren landscape and a handful of primitive Followers. Your first task as a deity is to shape the land, creating habitable areas for your people to settle and thrive.

As you sculpt the landscape, your Followers will begin to build homes, multiply, and gradually form a thriving civilization. You can influence their development by performing miracles, such as causing rain to grow crops or casting a protective shield to defend against natural disasters.

The game progresses as your civilization grows and advances through different stages of human history. You’ll need to guide your Followers, helping them to overcome challenges and embark on voyages to new, uncharted lands.

Remember, every action has consequences in this dynamic world. Your decisions will shape not just the physical landscape, but also the culture and destiny of your civilization. So, think carefully, act wisely, and enjoy the journey of playing god in the world of Godus for PC!

Quintessential Elements of the Divine Journey

  • Mould and shape every inch of the world to create your unique landscape.
  • Guide your Followers from primitive beginnings to advanced civilization.
  • Influence your Followers’ lives by performing awe-inspiring miracles.
  • Experience a truly living world with responsive visuals and weather systems.
  • Challenge other players to prove your divine prowess and strategic acumen.

Unleash your divine powers and shape a civilization in the immersive world of Godus. Download and play this captivating god simulation game for free today!

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install Games.lol on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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