Harvest Town
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Harvest Town - Live The Life Of A Farmer On PC

harvest town download free
harvest town download full version
harvest town download PC free
harvest town download PC
harvest town download free
harvest town download full version
harvest town download PC free
harvest town download PC

Farms are some of the simplest places you can ever go to. All you have to do is to plant crops, take care of livestock, and explore the town you’re living in. Because of how fun it is, many farm games came out over the years. These simulation games enable you to experience farm life in the comfort of your homes. One of them is Harvest Town, which is the ultimate farm game. Here, you get to build your farmhouse and become a full-fledged farmer. If that’s your dream, then you should experience it in Harvest Town first.

Live the farm life in the Harvest Town game now. Get it through our for free. Play it on a bigger PC screen for a more enhanced gaming experience.

Becoming The Most Successful Farmer

Harvest Town is an RPG and farming simulation game by AVIDGAMERS. Here, you can become the best farmer. You can build your farmhouse and decorate your cottage. Take care of your livestock and raise them. You can take or of different animals such as cattle and chickens. Adopt a dog and take it for walkies while exploring the beautiful scenery. Interact with NPC characters and experience the four seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter. There is so much to do in Harvest Town, and you can unleash your inner farmer in this fun game.

So get Harvest Town on PC now. It’s available for free, and all you have to do is click the download button. Become the best farmer in town, and show them your skills in this fantastic farming game.

The story starts with a character dreaming about his farm life, back when he was young. He then returned to his hometown. You, the character, and Grandpa John have to clean up the manor and decorate it. After that, you need to build a new house where the manor stood. You will learn how to harvest crops, raise livestock, explore Harvest Town, and many more. You also have to adjust to the changing seasons. It’s a fun-filled game for those who want to live the farm life.

Harvest Town PC Game Features

  • Build farmhouse
  • Harvest crops
  • Raise cattles
  • Adopt a pet
  • Experience four seasons
  • Rich storyline
  • Extremely interactive gameplay

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