Harvest Town
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Harvest Town PC - Living the Real Life in the Rural Side

harvest town download free
harvest town download full version
harvest town download PC free
harvest town download PC
harvest town download free
harvest town download full version
harvest town download PC free
harvest town download PC

Do you know what it feels like living in the rural side? If you are given a chance to escape the busy city, would you go into a different lifestyle that is simpler yet peaceful? Well, let’s see if you can survive rural life by playing the Harvest Town game. 

Published by AVIDGamers, Harvest Town is a simple game that tells the story of someone who wishes to try living in the rural and escape the toxic life in the city. In this game, you will be tasked with rural farming, such as planting and harvesting crops and restoring a manor.

Harvest Town – Going Back to Your Hometown

In this game, you will see yourself moving from the city to your hometown. From there, you will start living your life simple and bringing back the former glory of a manor. Your main focal point in the Harvest Town game is to redecorate and fix the old manor, enabling you to unlock different activities. Like other games, you need to accomplish various quests to map the game entirely. There’s no such thing as a time limit, and you can enjoy every single detail of the game, such as fishing in the river, harvesting crops, and more.

As you play the game, you will see the map, which is quite overwhelming at first. But as you progress in the game, you will understand the map’s essence, especially when doing various quests. To be able to renovate your manor, you first need to decorate your land by adding beautiful decorations or adding buildings to your land. To create buildings, you need to get various materials throughout the land handcraft them in the carpenter’s shop. You need to establish these buildings to create products from your animals or crops.

Improve Your Land & Meet Exciting Characters

In Harvest Town, you need to unlock skills to improve your land, as well as your manor. These skills are mining, fishing, logging, breeding, pickup, farming, battle, and cooking. These skills are powered by an energy called vitality. And once you run out of vitality in a specific skill, you can’t use that skill. Like in a typical city, you will also meet different people in the rural side. There are more than 40 characters to work with, and you can actually find the love of your life here if the fondness increases. Each character depicts a story, and this story is for you to find out. 

What is more exciting about Harvest Town is it features four seasons; the hot summer, mild spring, cold winter, and nostalgic fall. If you are looking for a game where you will experience building your farmhouse, raising livestock, and exploring the rural side, then you should not miss trying the exciting role-playing game Harvest Town.

Game Features

  • A rural-themed role-playing game
  • Redecorate the manor or farmhouse
  • Explore and Develop the Rural Town
  • Unlock the eight important skills
  • More than 40 characters to interact with
  • Experience four seasons

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Minimum System Requirements

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