Head Ball 2 – Online Soccer
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Head Ball 2: Zany Arcade Soccer Action

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head ball 2 pc download
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Sports Games are fun, but sometimes they tend to become boring. If you’re looking for a unique sports game, you can try Head Ball 2. It’s a sports multiplayer game by Masomo Gaming. At first glance, it seems like a usual soccer game, but it has some things up its sleeves.

Instead of the usual soccer match, you will only control one soccer player. The soccer player will also have only a big head and feet for kicking the ball. Let’s discuss in more detail how you play Head Ball 2 in the next section.

Dominating Head Ball 2

The gameplay of Head Ball 2 is simple and easy to learn. But to help you understand the game better, there will be a tutorial in the beginning to teach you the basics. First, you’ll learn about the controls, like moving forward or backward, jumping, and kicking the ball. There are two moves that your character can do – a low kick that will make the ball roll on the field and a high kick to give more arc to the trajectory.

After that, you’ll do a practice game so you’ll get a feel of how matches go. After that, you’ll earn rewards, which will be your player’s special move. Special moves can significantly help you during games. You’ll have two special moves at the start – a move that freezes the opposing player for a short duration and a move that will make your character huge. These special moves can only be used once so make sure you use them wisely. You can also upgrade special moves to improve their stats.

The game will feature many different players for you to acquire and after you complete the tutorial, you’ll unlock two more new players. To unlock more players, you need to acquire their cards. Normal players only need five cards, so once you acquire them, you can unlock those players. Rare players will need 20 cards while Legendary players need 20-30 cards, depending on the player.

You acquire cards through reward packs that you earn as you progress. The great thing about this game is that it features many different modes for you to play, including tournaments and careers. Your overall goal in Head Ball 2 PC is to be the best soccer player. So, showcase your online soccer game prowess and play this game.

The Features of the Fun Sports Game

  • Many different players and characters to unlock and use
  • Battle friends and other people in real-time
  • Different game modes for you to play

Sports games are some of the fun and exciting multiplayer games that you can play. Try out other amazing games like Winner Soccer Evolution or Homerun Clash for free on the Games.lol client!




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