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Head Ball 2: Zany Arcade Soccer Action

Do you wish to play a different kind of football game that lets you compete against other players online worldwide? Then you should download Head Ball 2 on your desktop!

Created by Masomo Gaming, this title is the sequel to the widely popular online game Head Ball. It lets you control a character that is essentially a blown-up head with a football shoe. Just like in the previous title, you are pitted against an opposing player, and your task is to score as many goals within the time limit. The player with the most goals at the end of regulation is the winner!

Play Awesome Multiplayer Game Modes

Pick which game mode you want to compete in – the standard online one-on-one match, or grueling tournaments. Standard online one-on-one matches have you square up against real players. These matches will test how well you can control your character and utilize power-ups to score goals. Meanwhile, Tournaments are a series of matches that will determine who will get the championship title. There are also other rewards in-stored for victors of the tournament. You’ll have to bring your A-Game when you choose to play this mode since every win matters.

Dress to Dominate The Playing Field

Winning matches and tournaments in Head Ball 2 let you gain in-game currency. You can use this to upgrade and change the way your character looks. Doing so will help you stand out during matches, and can also strike fear into your competition! Deck out your character with a myriad of fun, wacky, and zany costumes and outfits. From highly-detailed headdresses, fearsome masks, to funny headpieces. The game lets you customize your character to help you express yourself during matches.

Speaking of customization, you can also check out which power-ups work best for your playstyle. There are over eighteen different power-ups you can unlock in-game, and they all can be used offensively or defensively. Check out which one works for you and use it on your character to dominate the competition!

If football is your go-to sport, you owe it to yourself to download Head Ball 2 online and play! Score as many goals to your heart’s content and be the best among the rest! It’s better if you play it on PC too for that awesome full-screen gameplay! Get our version, and you’ll be dominating the soccer field in no time!

Head Ball 2 Game Features

  • Compete in one-on-one matches or tournaments.
  • Enjoy the voice of football commentator John Moston.
  • Over 125 different and unique characters to unlock.
  • 18 powerful and upgradeable powers to unlock for your character.
  • Complete daily missions for in-game currency and rewards.

Get your free Headball 2 download now! Then check out new Sports Games free to download, like MLB 9 Innings 20 and Billiard!

Head Ball 2 Red Smoke
Head Ball 2 Super Power Menu
Head Ball 2 Defend The Ball
Head Ball 2 Progress
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Head Ball 2 Red Smoke
Head Ball 2 Super Power Menu
Head Ball 2 Defend The Ball
Head Ball 2 Progress
Head Ball 2 Freeze Enemy




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