Hempire – Plant Growing Game
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LBC Studios Inc.

Hempire Game - Build Your Potent Plant Empire in this Growing Game

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hempire download PC 1
hempire download PC free 1
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Hempire, developed by LBC Studios Inc., invites players to immerse themselves in the world of plant growing and become the ultimate Hemperor in this highly addictive mobile game. The game offers a plethora of features and activities that will keep players engaged and entertained for hours on end.

Build Your Potent Plant Empire

At its core, Hempire is all about growing potent plants and dealing with great grass. Players can cultivate their own unique strains and hybrids in the Lab, allowing them to experiment and create the perfect plants. With customization options available for seeds, players can grow their own sticky icky trees, ensuring a personalized and satisfying experience. The game utilizes a simple tap and click mechanic, allowing players to transform their grow farm into a thriving business.

Aside from plant cultivation, players can also establish a plant enterprise. They have the opportunity to upgrade and repair their grow equipment, enhancing the efficiency and productivity of their operations. Additionally, players can invest in their city by purchasing cool and fun decorations, as well as special items. Taking the responsibility to fix and clean up the town, players can contribute to the overall development and improvement of their surroundings. Selling items and products is crucial to earning money and expanding the business. Through deals and continuous growth, players can gradually expand their farm and establish themselves as successful entrepreneurs.

Master the Art of Product Creation, Sales, & Competition

In Hempire, players can also explore the art of creating new products. From baking cookies and brownies to crafting hash, kief, shatter, rosin, oils, and other dope concentrates, the game provides a diverse range of options. By breeding hybrid strains, players can develop strong and high-yielding hybrid plants, resulting in delicious and sought-after edibles. Pushing these goods and engaging in trade and sales activities is essential for profitability and success.

The game revolves around making money and generating profit, allowing players to manage their store and sell their products. By dealing with the locals, players can gradually ascend to the rank of a plant tycoon, growing their enterprise and accumulating a substantial net worth. Wisely investing earnings in local businesses and real estate is crucial to expansion. Renovating buildings, fixing streets, and building a herb empire contribute to the overall growth and development of the player’s empire.

Competitive elements are also present in Hempire, as players can join the Hempire Cup and compete against other players. By creating an enterprise and inviting friends to chat and play, players can engage in friendly competition and shoot up the leaderboards with their customized goods. To further enhance the competitive experience, players can fulfill orders and ship products at the Train Depot, showcasing their efficiency and strategic prowess.

Weed Growing Game Online Features to Look Forward To

  • Grow potent plants and deal great grass
  • Breed new plant strains and hybrids in the Lab
  • Customize seeds and grow sticky icky trees
  • Upgrade and repair grow equipment
  • Invest in the city with decorations and special items
  • Fix and clean up the town
  • Sell items and products to earn money
  • Create new products like cookies and concentrates
  • Manage the store and sell your products
  • Compete in the Hempire Cup against other players
  • Join a community, chat, and play with friends
  • Fulfill orders and ship products at the Train Depot

Get ready to embark on an exhilarating journey in Hempire, the world’s greatest plant growing game! Whether on your mobile device or PC, dive into the addictive gameplay, build your empire, and become the ultimate Hemperor. If you’re craving more simulation games like Hempire, Games.lol offers fantastic options such as Bud Farm Idle Tycoon and Weed Inc: Idle Tycoon.




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Minimum System Requirements

You can install Games.lol on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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