Hit Box
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Hit Box Game - Play the Fun Blasting Firing Game on PC

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hit box pc download
hit box gameplay on pc
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Are you looking for a fun action game that you can play on your free time? Are guns, mines, and rockets something that you enjoy? Do you find wild explosions satisfying? If so, then this Hit Box game might just be what you’re looking for.

Hit Box PC – A Casual Action Game with a Blast

Hit Box PC is a casual action game developed and published by Feavy Games. This game is a slingshot game that combines guns, rockets, and mines into one explosive game that is perfect for when you are passing the time. As you play Hit Box, the mechanics are straightforward. Here, you will have a hit the box of some sort dangling right in front of you. Below the box is a very long lane filled with some clutter and a finish line at the end. Your goal is to catapult that box as far as possible and let it reach the finish line.

So, how do you do it? First, by using the an automatic rifle, you will have to shoot the hit box right in front of you. This should start that box swinging back and forth. Shoot that box at the right intervals, and it will gain momentum as it swings around its pendulum. Moreover, as your last bullet hits the target, the rope from which the box hangs will break, hurling the box forward. That is if you time your shots right. Time your shots wrong, and you’ll find yourself scratching your head wondering why the box didn’t seem to go anywhere. In addition, time your shot right and you’ll have the perfect trajectory for your box to reach the finish line.

Deploy Boosters in Hit Box

As simplistic as the game mechanics sound, Hit Box can be very challenging. For this reason, you’ll need your boosters to help your box along its path. These are your trampolines, conveyor belts, land mines, drones, and rockets. Also, you’ll be able to deploy these boosters along the path every time your box fails to reach the finish line. Then, on your next try, if your box happens to land on those, that hit box will bounce or blast forward with the aid of those boosters.

However, reaching the finish line is not enough. The farther your box goes beyond the end zone, the higher your multiplier points. The higher your multiplier points, the more coins you will get. These coins can be used to buy new guns and boosters that can be very useful for the next level.

If this sounds interesting, download it now and experience the blast as you play Hit Box PC.

Game Features

  • Easy and intuitive game controls and mechanics
  • Excellent game physics perfect for a slingshot game
  • Install boosters such as trampolines, conveyor belts, drones, land mines, and rockets to boost your box forward
  • Unlock and upgrade guns and weapons based on real firearms
  • Unlock cool and funky box skins such as flight cases, crates, and freezers
  • Over 240 challenging levels to clear

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install Games.lol on any PC that meets the following requirements:

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