Horror Brawl
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Keplerians Horror Games

Horror Brawl - Face Your Fears in the Ultimate Multiplayer Horror Shooter Game

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ice scream horror brawl pc download
ice scream horror brawl gameplay on pc
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Horror Brawl is an online multiplayer horror game developed by Keplerians Horror Games. You will engage in shooter-style gameplay, facing off against characters from the Keplerian sagas in their well-known settings. The ultimate goal is to be the first player to escape through the Nazrat portal, providing horror game enthusiasts with a challenging and thrilling experience.

Horror Brawl – Play the Multiplayer Online Horror Game

In Horror Brawl, the objective is to annihilate everyone on the battlefield. Search for the best weapons and equipment to help you in your quest for victory, including healing kits and Chaos Crystals. Collect four crystals to unlock the abilities of your favorite villains like Evil Nun, Ice Scream, or Mr. Meat, and use them to take down your opponents.

As the Horror Brawl online progresses, prepare to face the Horror and search for the best hiding places to stay alive. Uncover secrets in the gloomy rooms and explore the map to its fullest potential. Every game is distinct from the others and promises to be new each time, making it exciting and surprising.

Complete the Battle Pass with the Horror Pass PC download to earn rewards and complete quests. Create distinctive costumes, bags, and bats for your characters and Horrors. Unlock all weapon rarities, including Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary, to become the ultimate fighter.

Don’t Miss the Emotes & Graffiti

Also, as you download horror games on PC for free, you can use emotes and graffiti to taunt your opponents in-game and in the lobby. Write graffiti on the map to keep track of the places you’ve been. To level up all of your characters and unlock rare Keplerian goodies in the rewards box, complete daily, weekly, and seasonal objectives.

Each season will provide fresh characters, maps, and gaming styles. The Horror Brawl online community is constantly developing thanks to frequent upgrades. To be sure you get everything, accept automatic updates.

Prepare yourself for the ultimate horror gaming experience with Keplerians Horror Games’ Horror Brawl! Join the fight right away by downloading the game for free on PC.

Download Horror Game PC Features

  • Battle Keplerians saga characters
  • Search and use different weapons and equipment
  • Find healing kits and Chaos Crystals
  • Unlock abilities of villains
  • Complete missions for rewards
  • Customize characters with outfits
  • Unlock weapon rarities
  • Use emotes and graffitis
  • Graffiti on the map
  • Immerse in daily, weekly, and seasonal missions.
  • Receive exclusive rewards

Get ready to face your fears and join the battle in Horror Brawl! Download the game now for PC and experience this multiplayer horror shooter’s heart-pounding, adrenaline-fueled action. Check out Games.lol for more action games like this. You can alternately play Scary Doll: Horror in the Woods and Scary Horror 2: Escape Games.




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