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Hugo Troll Race Classic

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About this Game

The evil Scylla has kidnapped Hugolina and while Hugo, the Troll, is sleeping. To rescue her, you will need to help Hugo navigate the train tracks in this classic endless runner game Hugo Troll Race. It’s a game that’s published by 5th Planet Games Development ApS. In this game, Hugo will be moving along the train tracks trying to save Hugolina from Scylla. But the ways are not without any obstacles.

It’s your job to make sure that Hugo will continue moving forward by helping him slide under, jump over, or side-step the obstacles in front of him. You also need to be aware of oncoming trains that could also switch lanes, so you’ll need to have quick reflexes. Let’s discuss further in this article how to play the Hugo Troll Race game.

How to Play Hugo Troll Race Game

The gameplay of Hugo Troll Race is very simple since it’s an endless runner game. You need to swipe right if you want Hugo to go to the right track or swipe left to go to the left track.

Swipe up if you want Hugo the troll to jump over obstacles or gaps and swipe down to slide under gaps. Of course, the gameplay and controls may be simple, but the actual game isn’t. Scylla has many tricks up her sleeves to make the runner game much harder than it seems. You need to be alert always and have quick reflexes to avoid hitting any obstacles.

It’s a fun and exciting runner game that offers many great features for you to enjoy and play.
You can choose to play as Hugo or Hugolina in this fun endless runner game. You can also customize the characters’ outfits that you can acquire using in-game resources.

If you get bored battling Scylla, you can also play this game against your friends in a classic arcade-style battle. You can even battle against them on the leaderboards by being one of the top players there.

Hugo Troll Race Features

    • Play a one-on-one endless runner game against Scylla!
    • Customize each trolley in the game!
    • Choose and style the best clothes for Hugo and Hugolina!
    • Battle against your friends online!
    • Enjoy collecting many collectible items in Hugo Troll Race!

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