Jurassic Survival
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Jurassic Survival - Build your Safe Base & Hunt Dinosaurs Online

jurassic survival download PC
jurassic survival download PC free
jurassic survival download full version
jurassic survival download free
jurassic survival download PC
jurassic survival download PC free
jurassic survival download full version
jurassic survival download free

The Jurassic franchise is one of the most iconic movie franchises because it brought dinosaurs to life. Suppose you were a big fan or only a fan of dinosaurs in general. In that case, you will enjoy playing Jurassic Survival. It’s an action survival game that has some strategy and building components. In this game, you are one of the survivors that are cast away on a mysterious island that’s full of dinosaurs. The goal of this game is to survive. To do that you will need to hunt for food, water, and other items you will need.

Moreover, you’ll need to build a shelter to protect yourself from the dinosaurs that are roaming around. Plus, crafting various weapons that you will use to kill dinosaurs or to cut down trees is also a must. It’s an interesting game that also has a multiplayer component. So that only means that you can freely interact with other people as long as you want. But how do you play Jurassic Survival? Below is a guide on how to play this game properly.

How to Play Jurassic Survival for Free on PC?

The game will begin with a tutorial, which will discuss the basics like picking up items, defending yourself against dinosaurs, healing yourself, and building a shelter. After that, you are basically on your own. Jurassic Survival will also require the gathering of resources like wood, stone food, and water.

You can also craft other useful tools and items, as long as you have enough resources. Food are available from the bushes or from animals and dinosaurs that you killed. Food will replenish your health. Your health also becomes full whenever you level up. The palm trees are needed to build your shelter. Make sure that you put walls around them so you won’t get attacked by dinosaurs.

Furthermore, the resources in your area are not unlimited, which means you need to go to other areas to gather them. Going to other areas is also a good way to look for other items that were probably marooned or left by other survivors. Make sure to check the difficulty of the area first before going, as you don’t want to die there.

You can choose to walk to another location, which will take some time, or use the limited energy to speed things up. Also, you have the chance to form alliances with other people to form a common village. As part of a village, it will be easier to take down stronger and bigger dinosaurs, as well as exchange resources.

All in all, the basics rules are simple and easy to understand. Of course, this doesn’t mean that it’s also an easy game to play. It might be easy at first, but as you progress further, things become more challenging. What else does this game have to offer? Let’s check out its features.

Jurassic Survival Main Features

  • Tame dinosaurs to make your survival much easier and battling against enemies much more fun and exciting
  • Also features the ability to build shelter and craft various items for you to use in the game
  • Real-time multiplayer, where you can play with other people and form common villages to make surviving much easier

The features show that this game is really fun and exciting to play. But, playing it on PC will surely give you a better and bold game experience with other players online. Do you want to try more action games? Check out some games like Flippy Knife or Dino Hunter Deadly Shores for Free Play and Download on your PC now!




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Minimum System Requirements

You can install Games.lol on any PC that meets the following requirements:

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